Sunday, 27 May 2012

Urban Fudge Obsession!

I first bought Urban Fudge products in Nottingham, last February with Ellie. It had just been mine and Ellie's birthday (they are 10 days apart, pretty useful when it comes to planning parties!)so we both had some money to spare. Whilst shopping in the Topshop in Nottingham, I fell in love with a nude colour, sequin, skater style dress, with a low V cut back. I considered purchasing it, but it was £80, which I thought was a little pricey. Anyway, I'm thankful that I didn't buy as I have found that it is used on TV adverts a lot, therefore I figured many people would be buying it and I was bound to know someone else with it, who probably looked better in it! And I was right. A friend of mine sister received it for her 21st birthday a few days after my trip to Nottingham. So as didn't buy the dress, or much else of that matter, when I wondered into Superdrug I decided to treat myself (well, my hair) to some new products to try out. Ellie wanted a few hair products so when I was looking at the brand she was buying I found myself distracted, staring at the vibrant orange selection which was Urban Fudge. I gazed over them, reading reviews of the products on my phone deciding which ones to buy. I ended up buying 3, as I think it was on 3 for 2 at the time. The ones I bought were 'Sea Salt,' 'Instant Smoothie,' and '3 in 1 Miracle Moisture Stuff.'
   Sea Salt:
Around £6.99
On the bottle it says "texturising spray for raw "beach hair"." I rarely use this product, it is mainly for when I can't be bothered to straighten/curl my hair or sleep with rollers in and I find that it does what it says it does. It is ideal to spray some hairspray to hold the texture as it's hold rating is only 2 out of 6, but other than that, I love this product and plan to use it more during the summer.
   Instant Smoothie:

Around £6.99

I LOVE this one! It is amazing, and every time I use it I get told I look like Kim Kardashian, which is a bonus for me! On the bottle it says "post hot-iron smoothing spray." Basically, after you have straightened your hair it gives life back to it. It is like a after-use heat protector. It makes your hair smooth and shiny, which personally, I love. The smoothness and shinyness of it stays with you all day not matter what your hair goes through e.g. wind, so it is very loyal! I use this every time I straighten my hair and so does one of my older sisters which makes me feel very cool because normally, it is my older sisters setting the trends! :) I think I will be using this products forever.
   3 in 1 Miracle Moisture Stuff:
Usually £6.99, £1.99 at Superdrug at the moment.
There are 3 uses of this, they are:
1.      Blow dry in to protect and condition.
2.      Apply to dry hair to defrizz and seal dry ends.
3.      Use posts straightening to leave hair smooth and straight with a natural shine.
Personally, I use this product on the ends of my hair after washing my hair to moisturize and seal dry ends and then I let my hair dry naturally or I blow dry it. I find this product works really well and when I haven't had my ends cut off and they are ready for a trim, it does a real good job of disguising and mending the damage. Also, this is enriched with the revolutionary Argon Oil, which hydrates and repairs. 10 points for Urban Fudge right there! I never really thought about applying it after straightening my hair or just to dry hair, so I will give it ago, probably in the next couple of weeks, and let you know how it goes.
   So they are the three I bought in Nottingham, and when I went into my local Superdrug on Monday to re-stock, I found Urban Fudge do a dry shampoo. I used to use Batiste dry shampoo and as I was a lot younger, the novelty of not having to wash my hair all the time and it not going greasy was something I (my parents) was happy to pay for! But as I approached High School, the novelty wore off and it began to not suit my hair. So I eventually got into a routine of washing my hair every day, and for the last 4 years, that is what I have done, up until last February (everything seems to happen in February). Ellie and I, and a couple more of our friends went on a school trip to France. One of my friends realized I was washing my hair daily, unnecessarily. I thought my hair turned greasy after 1 day, but really I could get away with wearing it for 2 days without washing it again. So my friend has got me into a routine of washing it every other day. Now, rarely wash it every day. But when at Superdrug, the Urban Fudge dry shampoo was on offer for £1.99 so as I read the bottle, I remembered all the times that I am asked if I have any dry shampoo by my family and friends, for them to borrow.
Usually £6.99, Superdrug at the moment for £1.99
So as it was so cheap I bought it. Both of my brother's love it, and I quickly used a little bit of it before school on Thursday and it was brilliant! It didn't turn my hair grey, or have too much of an over-whelming smell. It smelt tropical with a mix of how St.Ives surf shops smell - delicious! That is one of the many things I love about Urban Fudge, alll of the products smell amazing! Another of the things I love is that they are all rated on hold out of 6, which is very useful as they do a range of wax, which my brother uses, and he finds it is a good wax and having the tubs marked out of 6 for hold makes it alot easier to choose which one to buy. And, all of the tubs, or packaging are pretty cool.
   There a few other ones that I would like to try out, so when I buy them, I will do a review on them too :) .

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Newspaper Nails

I love spending time working on my nails and finding something new, different and creative to do with them. These newspaper nails are perfect for this because they work every time and I find them very fashionable. I thought I would share this with you to try out on yourselves! So, here are the 6 easy steps:

What you will need:
  • A sheet of newspaper
  • A pale nail polish
  • A clear nail polish or top coat
  • Some scissors
  • An egg cup
  • Some Vodka
  1. Cut the newspaper into 10 pieces, big enough to fit onto your nails.
  2. Apply enough (most of the time 2) coats of the pale nail polish and let it dry completely.
  3. Dip one finger into the egg cup of vodka.
  4. Hold a strip of newspaper onto the nail, covering it and keeping it still. Do this for about 20 seconds. You may need to dap a little more of the vodka on top of the newspaper.
  5. Slowly peel of the newspaper.
  6. Once you have completed every nail and all the vodka on your nails have dried, apply a of clear nail polish or top coat.