Thursday, 18 July 2013

I Like Eyebrows ♥

This had been at the top of posts-to-do-list for some time now. My obsession with eyebrows began at an early age. With two older sisters who were such big fans of make-up (I definitely learnt from the best!) I became very familiar with make-up, and the power it had! Soon enough, I found myself judging - well, not necessarily judging, but along those lines - peoples faces, and their appearance, on their eyebrows. How bad is that?!
 Haha, anyway, when it was my time to begin getting my eyebrows shaped -threading is always my option- I made it very clear that I wanted thick eyebrows. Let's just not talk about the year 7 incident when my sister plucked my eyebrows, leaving me with skeletal brows, and looking like an alien for two weeks. Thin brows are just not for my face shape!
Still to this day, I think brows are so important when making your face have that specific look you are going for, and even if thinner brows suit your face shape, I'm sorry, but thick, full brows will always be my preference!
Here are some of my favourite eyebrows rocked by celebrities: 
Annasophia Robb has gorgeous eyebrows! In these close up images, you can see how the make up artist has combed the brows down. I see this on quite a few people, and it looks really good!

The Jenner sisters are gorgeous, and always have perfectly groomed and beautiful brows.

These are my brows. You will have to excuse the dodgy lighting, they aren't completely different in colour! However, as the lovely Zoella once said, 'eyebrows are not twins, but sisters'! At the moment, I am really loving the shape they have, and the thickness they have to them :)

Are you as obsessed with brows as myself? What styles do you like?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

You've Gotta Love Duty Free ♥

To celebrate the end of mine and Ellie's exams, my Mum decided that it was needed to take us away for a small holiday - how kind?! Originally, we were going to keep it in the UK. With my Mum wanting to head off to Wales, and my ache for a trip to Brighton, we thought it would be best to do so. However, with different things which went on (family weddings, etc) we were unable to make our UK holiday, and decided to take it to France!
We took a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais, stayed in Calais for a night, we then headed to Brugge for a night, and then Gent for a night. We have an absolutely amazing time, and ended up being accompanied by my younger brother who definitely made the trip as fun as it was!
You can see images of Brugge and Gent on my Instagram - @domowen97.
Of course, you cannot go on a trip to France/Belgium, without buying a few goodies...

Stocking up!

Available at Boots for £3.19. I got mine for £1.80 at duty free.

I now realise this was made for children, however, it comes with a pretty packaging, and it's pink!

This retails at £6.20 on the Denman website, and I got mine for £4.90 at duty free. I have definitely seen this in Boots, so keep an eye out :)

I have been wanting this foundation since summer last year! On the boat, I was aiming to buy YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation, however, unfortunately they did not stock my shade :(

This retails at £25.50 at Boots. I got mine for £21.65 at duty free, and I am so happy! I just love this product so much!

My first chubby stick! This day has been waiting a long time...

Mine cost me £12.80, and they are £16 at Boots. Definitely worth paying full price for, though!

I think this jar is adorable! Maybe I'll put flowers in it for decoration :)

These perfumes were 2 for 7euros. They both smell absolutely delicious, and are perfect for a refreshing scent during the summer :)
I am so pleased with all of my buys! Honestly, I thought I was going to buy more, but I am glad that I reined myself in :)
Duty free alone, is definitely worth going away for, but France and Belgium were just absolutely beautiful!
Are you going on any summer holidays/weekends away this year?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dotcomgiftshop Buys ♥

I had heard about Dotcomgiftshop on various occasions, but never really took much interest in the sight. This was until I was browsing Instagram, and found a really pretty cake stand. Automatically, I took to the website, and fell in love with the stand. Ordered it, along with another item, and two days later(I was/still am very impressed with how fast delivery was!) my delivery had arrived.
This only cost me £8.95 as it was in the sale! I think it originally cost around £23.
As well as it being gorgeous and handy, it is also multi-use. I think decorating it with my latest Polaroids look gorgeous!

This cost £5.95.

I love the way it looks in my room. With my room being mainly light colours -creams, whites, lots of florals!- the black frame really attracts the eyes as you walk in :)
Dotcomgiftshop offer many gorgeous and unique buys. I am constantly browsing their site, making mental lists of things I just need to buy!
Are you a Dotcomgiftshop fan?
- Dom