Monday, 30 July 2012

Chaos Brothers Bag

I picked up this bag for £32 from Rollersnakes in Derby. I had been keeping an eye on this for quite a while as a potential school bag for next year. I was given my parents and siblings' approval (which does mean a lot to me) on this bag, so I decided to buy it to take on the trips with me, that I went on just before school ended the other week. I thought I could use it for the next year as well. The bag is so spacious and comfortable :) I'm also hoping that it stays in good condition so I can use it on other occasions, outside of school. What do you think?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

What Would Your Day Be Like?

This is just a quick post about my cousins wedding yesterday. It was a really nice day and lovely to see family that I don't always see. I thought the decorations were gorgeous:
They were all colour co-ordinated, matching the outfits too :)
We were given these really cute boxes as favours for the women:
And we all know that no wedding is complete without personal (table) decorations:
Finally, I thought that these chocolate trees were really cute, and a nice idea. I have seen something similar to these from a wedding that my friend went to. But rather than chocolates, it was full of Haribo sweets on cocktail sticks :)
Someone had already eaten one before I took the piccie though! No worries!
The whole day was so gorgeous and very weddingy - if you get where I'm coming from. I wore the Lace Trapeze Tunic dress in cream from Topshop, and paired it with my lovely buys from the earlier post. I even got a nice tan on my shoulders :) It was sunburn yesterday, but I woke up with the tan ;)
This is basically just a post of pictures. But what I really want to know is what would your wedding day be like? I love to draw wedding dresses; maybe I will do a post of them one day, so maybe I would use one of them designs. Some people have more that 1 dress (Kim Kardashian), but I adore Kim Kardashian, so maybe I would follow in her footsteps. Who knows?! Do you have particular colours that you would like at your wedding, or would you just want to wait to see what happens? Would you want a small or big wedding? There is just so much to think about. I am such a planner, so if I was to get married one day, I would do nothing but plan until the day I think. Also, can you think of the best - or the one you preferred - wedding you have been to? Let me know xo

Friday, 27 July 2012

Doctor, Help Me Please?

I think I need a Doctor; there has got to be something wrong with me. Yesterday, Ellie and I went shopping in our local(ish) Westfield centre, mainly for make-up, and I just didn't have the urge to buy anything D:
I usually make a mental list of make-up items to buy. Currently, my top 3 are a Smashbox Primer, a Nars Blusher, and a Nars Bronzer. I have even sorted out the money for them too. Next on my list is the Benefit product, Benetint, there was also Mascara on the list. Ellie and I went straight to the Benefit counter yesterday, as my top 3 products can only be bought online (except there is a Smashbox department in some Boots stores in the UK now :) ) and there, the lovely Lady applied the Benetint product to my cheeks and lips, and the 'They're Real' Mascara, which I had heard so much about. I loved the Benetint product, but HATED - in contrast to EVERYONE ELSES opinion - the Mascara! My Mum and Ellie both said it looked really nice, and, to be fair to the product, it wasn't bad. In fact, it was actually really good, if this is the look you are going for. They made my eyes completely stand out compared to any other feature of my face, and I just don't know why I didn't like it, it may be that I am more of a lips person. Or it could be because I think the more subtle the make-up is, the better it is, and I felt like my eye-lashes were Spiders legs. I normally criticize when I see people with Mascara like this, so I didn't want to be a hypocrite. I don't want to put you off the product, I just think that it wasn't for me, but I bet it suits everyone else! So as the Mascara put me in a strange/self-conscious mood, I didn't want to buy the Benetint - which I completely regret now! So next time I go to Derby Westfield Centre, I am going to purchase!
After my traumatic(I may be over-exaggerating a little bit)/mind-boggling experience at Boots, I wondered into La Senza - my fave underwear shop. Even better, it had a 'half price sale' sign on the front display. I found a delicious bra and pant duo - like really gorgeous, words cannot describe - but they didn't have my bra size :( I'm not sure if this is just me, but when things little things - such as the shop not having your size - go bad for you one mood you're in, everything else seems ugly and awful. In the end, I didn't buy anything from the shop (this will go down in history as the first time I have been in one of the shops and not bought anything!). That is my “I need a Doctor” bit of the post done – I think.
My Mum, Ellie and I found ourselves wandering around not doing anything productive, so I suggested that we went into Next to look for some shoes for me to wear to my cousins wedding this Saturday, and a top for my Mum to wear to the same event. And golly gosh! This did cheer me up :)
Mum found a really lovely top to wear, and I found some lovely shoes and a matching clutch bag to wear too. These are the shoes:
I think that they are really cute. I hadn't been in to Next for yonks! But a couple of weeks ago, when we were looking for some shoes for my sisters Graduation, we went in and found quite a few nice things :) I am wearing a cream lace dress, so I figured as I love burgundy, it would be a lovely colour to pair it with. These were £36.
Next up is this scrumptious clutch:
I am literally in love - that's all I can say :)! The bag was only £20 - completely worth it!
So after Next, we went in to New Look for Ellie to find some tops for her holiday to Croatia next week (lucky girl!) Ellie picked up 4 tops for £12 in the sale! How ace is that? I had already seen this beauty last week:
I am a huge lover of bags, and with the cheap price of £15.99, I just had to invest :)
As well as bags, I am addicted to nail polishes! I have been told on many occasions by different people that no-one else they know has such a nail polish collection, which I find hard to believe to be honest. I have seen these nail polishes for quite a while now, and I was dying to try, so I decided to treat myself to these 3 colours they had in because I hadn't bought any other make-up:
The colours are called Chameleon Lilac 332, Chameleon Blue 331 and Chameleon Pink 330. I didn't realize they were numbered until I had taken the picture otherwise I would have just put them in the correct order! I will have to do a post on these colours when I use them :)
So they are my buys for yesterday :) I know, I know, it looks like I was being a right brat that day! But I promise I wasn't! I paid for this myself, and we all had a lovely day. And I am so happy with my buys  I just think I wasn't in the mood for buying something I wasn't certain on. Have you ever been in one of those moods?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alex Parker: Fashion Icon

A while back, my sisters boyfriend, Alex, sort of dip-dyed his shorts. Originally they were full length jeans, but the reason he bought them was to cut them down to become knee length shorts, and dip-dye them. He didn't take much care when cutting them, he just got some fabric scissors from one of the many sewing boxes in the house, and chopped them to the measured length. The next step was to actually dye them. In order to do this, he needed a big bucket, some bleach, and a wooden stick to mix with. Alex mixed 2 parts water and 1 part bleach (sorry I can't give exact measurements!) in the bucket with the old wooden stick. He then part dipped his shorts in the bucket, up to where he wanted the dye to end. He left them in the bucket - outside in case of spillages - for about 30 - 40 minutes. This is how they turned out:
I think they look brilliant! If you wanted a graduated dye, you could put less bleach in the bucket, and start of by putting all of the area you want to dye in the bucket, and then gradually take the clothing piece out, and put more bleach in the bucket.
Have you ever dip-dyed any of your clothes?
I am going to leave you with a couple of pictures of me and Alex :)
Here, we are at my Uncle's surprise 50th Birthday party:
Finally, this is a Polaroid from my sisters graduation party:
P.S You will have to excuse the poor pictures, they were taken on my phone! Sorry xo

The Unexpected Magnet

I got this bag as a birthday present way back in February. When I first received it, I loved it, and loved the fact that I was given it as a present, because it wasn't something that I would have chosen for myself. Now I would, my style and sense of fashion changes constantly. But don't get me wrong, I know the basics, hehe ;)
Anyways! I decided to do a post on this bag because when I was in Whitby the other weekend, I was given so many complements on it! I have always received compliments on this beauty, but never off men really. However, when I was sat on the coach next to Ellie, Ellie whispered to me "Sir's looking at your bag," and I assumed that he was looking at my rucksack. Then about half an hour to an hour later Ellie whispered again "He's is looking at your bag again, he has been doing it on and off the entire journey," (I know this sounds really dodgy, but he really was admiring my hand bag!). Then we were talking to this teacher and he said, "I just love your bag, it's so feminine and luxurious," and so on! I was so shocked that he had even absorbed this, as you don't expect men to say these sort of things! Basically, through out the duration of the weekend, every teacher and about every pupil on the school trip had an encounter with this bag via this specific teacher! So there you go! My beautiful bag is like a human magnet!
Do you have any handbags like these? Or a handbag that you just can't live without?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Update needed

Hey hey, I’m sorry I’ve not done any recent posts and that it's just been Dom. So I thought I’d do a update. Last week was our last week before the holidays, and I was literally so excited!

I think everyone is just pleased it's the end of year and we have 6 weeks of holidays. So what have you guys got planned for the 6 weeks? And we'll definitely be keeping you up to date with what we're doing.

Last week was a really nice week because we didn't do much at school, so we just did nothing. Apart from Tuesday when Dom, Eilis and I had to present our history projects, which was nerve racking, even though it's only in front of a small class. I did mine on 20th century fashion and this is what I did:

Also our French teacher was leaving this year - :( - and she's so lovely, so we had a party for her and it was really nice as a leaving present and a goodbye for her.

On Wednesday Dom's sister had a Liz Earle party and I was lucky enough to be invited. It was really nice to try the products as I’ve never heard of them before, and the products are great. Dom had the facial and she's got really clear skin anyway but her skin looked amazing. While Dom was having her lovely facial, everyone got to try the products. Eilis also has very clear skin but mine isn't so clear and is prone to blemishes and outbreaks so it was nice to see different products that treat this.

Friday was great because it was our last day and was so nice to finish. Dom bought some delicious cupcakes in which she had baked herself. Dom's cooking is already amazing and these cupcakes were divine as one of the teachers said. Even our other French teacher made us a cup of tea to go with our cupcake. If you don't already know I absolutely adore tea. For the rest of the day it was just films, films, films!

Later on Friday, I went to the Forestry Centre in Rosliston with my Aunty and her friends from work but my mum couldn't make it because she was at work :(. On the Friday they were showing Grease on a big screen in the middle of the field there. It was ace and I loved the atmosphere. Grease is one of my favourite films ever and it was on a huge screen so it was even better ;) We had like a picnic and things with us while the film was on. It was just great but I wish we'd dressed up as pink ladies! What do you guys think about watching films outside?

Hope your having a great holiday guys and lot's of love x
And yes my French number colouring is better than Dom's. Haha :)

Ideas, Anyone?

Hi there! On the 3rd August it's my friends’ birthday, and I feel awful saying this, but I'm not too sure what to buy her! She has said that she wants her room to be done up, so I thought maybe some accessories for her room. However, I'm not sure what her parents are getting for her and I don't want to clash with them. So I was thinking of making something to put in her room, and then buying her something, such as some nail polishes or clothes, as well. Have you got any ideas for me that I could use? I'm working with the idea of jars! I know it sounds weird, but I could maybe put some pretty paper in them or fill them with beads or something, and you can do so much with jars. I am open to any suggestions, so please can you leave a comment below with your ideas. Thank you, have a nice day xo

BB Cream: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

I have seen advertisments to BB Cream everywhere just recently! I think that I would like to try one, but I just don't know where to start. Do you have any BB Cream reccomendations? I would be really grateful if you could let me know what you think of them. xo

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bargain Buys

The other weekend I went shopping with Ellie and Eilis. Whenever I go shopping in my local centre I only really buy nail polish or lipstick to be honest, but I went in with an open mind and came out very pleased with my bargain buys!
Firstly, we went in to Topshop, and there was a HUGE sale on! I picked up this beauty for £20, from £32! And, I have wanted one for ages too :)
I wore this with leggings in Whitby, but I plan on pairing it with a collard dress for those cold summer evenings.

Next up is this delicious peplum top. I have seen these in the magazines and fell in love at first sight, hehe.
I've been wearing this with grey jeans and a cardi, but I may try it with a pencil skirt for formal occasions - you never know! It cost me £16 if I remember correctly.

This is a top that is just ideal for whacking on when I want to look like I've made an effort! Plus I love the marl design and texture!
The top was only £14

Now it's time for the accessories :) I’ve been wanting one of these bad boys since seeing them on Kylie Jenner, (it's no lie! I love her!) so I was really pleased to find one and it was in the half price sale! £8.50 - £4.25!

I love all sorts of chains when it comes to jewellery. Hair chains, ear chains, hands chains - I have them all. This came in at half price of £7.50 = £3.75

So that's all of my Topshop bargain buys. After having been in Topshop I went in to boots because Ellie wanted some lipstick, I found it really difficult not to buy any nail polishes, but I didn't! After boots and a few other shops, we wandered into Poundland in search for some Sally Hansen products, and I ended up leaving with the same Revlon nail polish that I fell in love with in boots. I got Grey Suede and love it - so does my sister actually :) So as you can probably tell, that was a great day for me:)
Do you have any bargain buys (just realized how cheesy that is - oops!)?

Friday, 20 July 2012

6 Weeks!

Today was mine and Ellie's last day at school for the summer :) Personally, I am sort of excited about the summer - but very anxious! I don't know why, normally I am really excited, but this time I'm a bit gutted that I won't be at school for 6 weeks, seeing people that I wouldn't normally see outside of school. I think one of the reasons I feel like this is because of the amount of good times I have had this year :) What's happening to me D: ?!?
We didn't do much today; this morning we had an assembly purely for our year group. 5 of the people in our year dressed up as 'The Village People,' and danced. That sounds so weird saying it out loud! It was very funny, though! And in Maths, I played a very strange game of Bingo! The teacher was getting so into it, like properly saying the numbers how the Bingo people actually say them, hehe! However Ellie got to listen to music and eat a ridiculous amount of sweets and chocolate etc, in her Maths lesson. But I don't mind, Bingo was fun!
I took some more cakes in today, this time I remembered to take a picture for you!
Everyone loved them! Ellie and I went to give one to one of our teachers, but the teacher wasn't in his normal classroom, so we left him a note with the cake. He later came into my History lesson (whilst watching Sherlock Holmes - it's soooooo goooodd!) and gave me a note ... INFRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS! How embarrassing! Everyone was asking me what is said - even though I hadn't had the chance to read it yet! But it is such a lovely, sweet, note, so I am very grateful. He's so kind.
All together today has been a lovely day, and now I have Eilis (the blonde crazy one in all of the pictures in other posts!) coming round, and I am going to give her a manicure! So I will leave you with a picture of me upside-down, and Ellie at the Liz Earle evening I had the other night - it was very good and such a lovely way to socialize. I definitely recommend!

P.S Do you have any summer plans? Would love know!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Smiles All Round :)

Can I just say that I feel sooooooooooooo awkward taking pictures of myself, I literally hate it! So that is why I look like a complete and utter numpty on the piccie, but I thought I would try and share my happiness with you all... aren't you lucky?!?
Moving on, yesterday and today have been such lovely days! I managed to finish my English essay, and almost finish my Science I.S.A yesterday, and on top of that, I had such a wonderful French lesson. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my French teacher is leaving :( (It's all good guys, my English teacher isn't leaving - I now have some teachers that I like for my final year, I checked my timetable ;) Haha!) so the whole 14 of us in the class decided to throw Miss a leaving party. Miss left the organizing of the party down to me, which I was very excited about - I love to plan parties! Originally, we were going to have a pizza party, but as the lesson we had was at 11am we opted out of that one, and into the idea of a normal party. I made a chocolate cake covered in Maltesers (Miss' favourite!) and edible glitter. I really wish that I had taken a picture because LOADS of people have been asking me for one! We also had loads of other food, and it all made Miss cry :'(
So back to the cake! Once the lesson (to be honest, we didn't do any work, just stood around eating food and crying to Miss begging her not to go!) had ended, there was about 1/4 of this huge cake left, so I told Miss to have it and give some to the other teachers. She gave it to what felt like every bloomin' teacher in the school - including the receptionist! Every teacher that ate it (some of whom I didn't even know worked at our school) has spoken to me telling me how delicious it is, and asking me for my "secret"! They couldn't believe that I had made it. One even told me to sell my cakes at a Farmer's Market, and as I was walking into school today, a random teacher who I didn't even thought could remember me ran up to me saying "Amazing cake!" I obviously replied with "Nice tie," haha! So I know it sounds like I am bragging, I am just so excited and shocked that everyone who tried it liked it. Plus, I have had requests of the teachers who didn't get the chance to try it, and my French class to bring in more cakes! Therefore, this is definitely contributing to my happiness.
Next up, I have figured that I am also very happy because I have had my time table for next year, and surprisingly, I love it. As well as this, my friends are being sooooo lovely and funny these days, that just being in their presence makes me happy. I think that the fact that it is summer holidays in 1 and a half days is cheering me on too!
Today, most of my year went on a school trip. My close friends and I decided not to go as we had already been in ALOT of trips this year (as you can gather from my earlier posts) and we felt bad taking all of our parents money! Haha, yes I know, we do care! At school, we were either watching films or colouring in :) I am such a child, Ellie and I raced each other to the finish - I won, although I'm not sure Ellie will admit to it! Here it today's colouring, I personally think it is very good:
What do you think? Hehe. Now, my sister has organized a Liz Earle evening, so that is where I am off to. Thank you for reading this post; I'm sorry for going on and on and on! Lots of love to you all :)

Are you feeling particularly happy just recently? Let me know! xo

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

L'amour Josie Graduates!

Last Friday (13th - I'm not going to lie to you, I was nervous that it was all going to be a disaster! I am very superstitious, hehe!) my sister, Josie, Graduated :) Whilst my parents went to Leeds with her, my other sister and 2 brothers stayed at home with me and we decorated the house for a surprise party we were throwing for her that night. The party went down amazingly and everyone had a lovely time. It was extra special because Josie didn't even realize we were throwing her a party until it happened :)
These are Josie's cards and some of her presents; our Grandma got her a lovely bunch of flowers delivered to our house:

We arranged a chip van and ice-cream van to come to the party:) So this is Ellie and Eilis very excited in front of it:

My mum’s new favourite thing to do for birthdays is put a figure on top! For mine and my brothers I got a mannequin and my brother got a snowboarder! Josie got a figure of someone in a graduation gown and one of those hat thingys:
I promise I'm not drunk in this picture! Haha! We all know that you only get one chance when it comes to polaroids! This one is me with my sister's boyfriend:

Overall the night was immense, and ended with a bit of arm wrestling and some very drunk adults! Hehe, have any of your siblings graduated? Do you have any stories about graduations or graduation parties?

P.S Check out my sisters blog! :) It's brill. xo

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up :)

Hey there :) This is just as what the title says: A Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up. It's Wednesday, and even though there are the pros of it being a Wednesday (half way through the week = almost Friday = almost the weekend :)!) we can all sometimes forget that and let the more rubbishy things get us down. For example, as I sort of collapsed at the weekend when I was on my school trip to Whitby, I wasn't allowed to go to school. But I really just wanted to see my friends so I persuaded my parents to let me go in for today, under the condition that if I feel ill I would call them (I'm not going to lie, I did feel quite poorly, but I didn't call them as I didn't want the fuss really) so I thought it would be good to see my friends, and it was:) But whilst at school, I had 2 unexpected exams! One in French (a speaking exam), and one in English (an essay on multi-modal language techniques) - a low point of the day -, but it was OK, as I was told that I did brilliantly in French and I have ages left to finish my English (high point of the day) - so wish me good luck!
    Anyways, I got over having 2 surprise exams, I enjoyed more of my day - high point of today. However! It clicked to me today how many of my teachers are actually leaving next week :(
     My French teacher, my RE teacher and (apparently - this is not confirmed yet, so hopefully it isn't true) my English teacher :( And this isn't even all the teachers going, there are about 10 more, but they don't teach me anymore. I know it sounds really strange, but I am actually going to miss them! I think it's important to have nice, good teachers as they make you enjoy the lesson more. Obviously, this was a low point of the day. So, as I was letting the more rubbishy things get me down, I decided to let my lovely Mother treat me:) This is what she treated me to:

This is a Revlon nail polish that I have wanted for a couple of weeks now. I bought this from my local Boots store because my sister wanted another Revlon nail polish and they were on offer for Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price. But do keep an eye out in Poundland stores, as they do have some Revlon nail polishes in sometimes. I wanted one called Smoky Canvas #091 the other week, but restrained myself from buying it in boots, and as I wandered into Poundland looking for some Sally Hanson products, I found the Smoky Canvas Revlon nail polish! I was so proud! Anyways, this colour is called Bewitching #620.

I love these magazines, I'm not gonna lie to you, I am a bit obsessed! Hehe! I new Shay Mitchell was on the front of Seventeen - which I was very pleased about as I love her on Pretty Little Liars - but I didn't know Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were on the front of Teen Vogue! I love them so much! Also, Kendall and Kylie Jenner do a section in Seventeen magazine, and we all know I love them! I can't wait to read these bad boys :)

These sweets are so delicious, but I haven't found anywhere in the UK to buy them from except for in bulk in places like Costco, yet as I was in Aldi today, I found these which I was (and still sort of am) excited about :) They're yummy!
I am very pleased and grateful for all of these items that my Mum has bought for me, but for some reason I became sad again :( No worries though! My parents invited some friends round earlier today with out me knowing and all of a sudden loads of people turn up at my house which obviously cheered me up! :)   

I look so werid in the picture! The little boy is Sammy. My sister has looked after him since he was about 6 months old, but we all help her out and his family are such good friends of ours now:) I love him so much, he is so cute and lovely.

This is just all of the food that we had out and what people had brought around! I was literally so shocked that we had all of these people round, I had not been informed about this, but I didn't mind - it was so much fun! The big weird thing on the right is a ham that my Dad had ordered in from France I think!

Sammy with his older sister Lizzie. I love her too she is amazing - they don't normally look like this! They were pulling funny faces ;) After this we went on the trampoline and then sat and watched Cinderella - it's one of my favourites, honestly.

So now I am in a really happy mood and looking forward to my summer holidays :) Having all of these friends around made me remember all of the important things in life (cheesy, but had to be said!) Do any of you have any plans? Let me know - enjoy the rest of your week xo