Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Smiles All Round :)

Can I just say that I feel sooooooooooooo awkward taking pictures of myself, I literally hate it! So that is why I look like a complete and utter numpty on the piccie, but I thought I would try and share my happiness with you all... aren't you lucky?!?
Moving on, yesterday and today have been such lovely days! I managed to finish my English essay, and almost finish my Science I.S.A yesterday, and on top of that, I had such a wonderful French lesson. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my French teacher is leaving :( (It's all good guys, my English teacher isn't leaving - I now have some teachers that I like for my final year, I checked my timetable ;) Haha!) so the whole 14 of us in the class decided to throw Miss a leaving party. Miss left the organizing of the party down to me, which I was very excited about - I love to plan parties! Originally, we were going to have a pizza party, but as the lesson we had was at 11am we opted out of that one, and into the idea of a normal party. I made a chocolate cake covered in Maltesers (Miss' favourite!) and edible glitter. I really wish that I had taken a picture because LOADS of people have been asking me for one! We also had loads of other food, and it all made Miss cry :'(
So back to the cake! Once the lesson (to be honest, we didn't do any work, just stood around eating food and crying to Miss begging her not to go!) had ended, there was about 1/4 of this huge cake left, so I told Miss to have it and give some to the other teachers. She gave it to what felt like every bloomin' teacher in the school - including the receptionist! Every teacher that ate it (some of whom I didn't even know worked at our school) has spoken to me telling me how delicious it is, and asking me for my "secret"! They couldn't believe that I had made it. One even told me to sell my cakes at a Farmer's Market, and as I was walking into school today, a random teacher who I didn't even thought could remember me ran up to me saying "Amazing cake!" I obviously replied with "Nice tie," haha! So I know it sounds like I am bragging, I am just so excited and shocked that everyone who tried it liked it. Plus, I have had requests of the teachers who didn't get the chance to try it, and my French class to bring in more cakes! Therefore, this is definitely contributing to my happiness.
Next up, I have figured that I am also very happy because I have had my time table for next year, and surprisingly, I love it. As well as this, my friends are being sooooo lovely and funny these days, that just being in their presence makes me happy. I think that the fact that it is summer holidays in 1 and a half days is cheering me on too!
Today, most of my year went on a school trip. My close friends and I decided not to go as we had already been in ALOT of trips this year (as you can gather from my earlier posts) and we felt bad taking all of our parents money! Haha, yes I know, we do care! At school, we were either watching films or colouring in :) I am such a child, Ellie and I raced each other to the finish - I won, although I'm not sure Ellie will admit to it! Here it today's colouring, I personally think it is very good:
What do you think? Hehe. Now, my sister has organized a Liz Earle evening, so that is where I am off to. Thank you for reading this post; I'm sorry for going on and on and on! Lots of love to you all :)

Are you feeling particularly happy just recently? Let me know! xo

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