Sunday, 29 July 2012

What Would Your Day Be Like?

This is just a quick post about my cousins wedding yesterday. It was a really nice day and lovely to see family that I don't always see. I thought the decorations were gorgeous:
They were all colour co-ordinated, matching the outfits too :)
We were given these really cute boxes as favours for the women:
And we all know that no wedding is complete without personal (table) decorations:
Finally, I thought that these chocolate trees were really cute, and a nice idea. I have seen something similar to these from a wedding that my friend went to. But rather than chocolates, it was full of Haribo sweets on cocktail sticks :)
Someone had already eaten one before I took the piccie though! No worries!
The whole day was so gorgeous and very weddingy - if you get where I'm coming from. I wore the Lace Trapeze Tunic dress in cream from Topshop, and paired it with my lovely buys from the earlier post. I even got a nice tan on my shoulders :) It was sunburn yesterday, but I woke up with the tan ;)
This is basically just a post of pictures. But what I really want to know is what would your wedding day be like? I love to draw wedding dresses; maybe I will do a post of them one day, so maybe I would use one of them designs. Some people have more that 1 dress (Kim Kardashian), but I adore Kim Kardashian, so maybe I would follow in her footsteps. Who knows?! Do you have particular colours that you would like at your wedding, or would you just want to wait to see what happens? Would you want a small or big wedding? There is just so much to think about. I am such a planner, so if I was to get married one day, I would do nothing but plan until the day I think. Also, can you think of the best - or the one you preferred - wedding you have been to? Let me know xo


  1. I love that chocolate tree thingy!!

    My newest post XX

    1. It's so cool! I will check it out ;) xo