Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Update needed

Hey hey, I’m sorry I’ve not done any recent posts and that it's just been Dom. So I thought I’d do a update. Last week was our last week before the holidays, and I was literally so excited!

I think everyone is just pleased it's the end of year and we have 6 weeks of holidays. So what have you guys got planned for the 6 weeks? And we'll definitely be keeping you up to date with what we're doing.

Last week was a really nice week because we didn't do much at school, so we just did nothing. Apart from Tuesday when Dom, Eilis and I had to present our history projects, which was nerve racking, even though it's only in front of a small class. I did mine on 20th century fashion and this is what I did:

Also our French teacher was leaving this year - :( - and she's so lovely, so we had a party for her and it was really nice as a leaving present and a goodbye for her.

On Wednesday Dom's sister had a Liz Earle party and I was lucky enough to be invited. It was really nice to try the products as I’ve never heard of them before, and the products are great. Dom had the facial and she's got really clear skin anyway but her skin looked amazing. While Dom was having her lovely facial, everyone got to try the products. Eilis also has very clear skin but mine isn't so clear and is prone to blemishes and outbreaks so it was nice to see different products that treat this.

Friday was great because it was our last day and was so nice to finish. Dom bought some delicious cupcakes in which she had baked herself. Dom's cooking is already amazing and these cupcakes were divine as one of the teachers said. Even our other French teacher made us a cup of tea to go with our cupcake. If you don't already know I absolutely adore tea. For the rest of the day it was just films, films, films!

Later on Friday, I went to the Forestry Centre in Rosliston with my Aunty and her friends from work but my mum couldn't make it because she was at work :(. On the Friday they were showing Grease on a big screen in the middle of the field there. It was ace and I loved the atmosphere. Grease is one of my favourite films ever and it was on a huge screen so it was even better ;) We had like a picnic and things with us while the film was on. It was just great but I wish we'd dressed up as pink ladies! What do you guys think about watching films outside?

Hope your having a great holiday guys and lot's of love x
And yes my French number colouring is better than Dom's. Haha :)

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