Tuesday, 17 July 2012

L'amour Josie Graduates!

Last Friday (13th - I'm not going to lie to you, I was nervous that it was all going to be a disaster! I am very superstitious, hehe!) my sister, Josie, Graduated :) Whilst my parents went to Leeds with her, my other sister and 2 brothers stayed at home with me and we decorated the house for a surprise party we were throwing for her that night. The party went down amazingly and everyone had a lovely time. It was extra special because Josie didn't even realize we were throwing her a party until it happened :)
These are Josie's cards and some of her presents; our Grandma got her a lovely bunch of flowers delivered to our house:

We arranged a chip van and ice-cream van to come to the party:) So this is Ellie and Eilis very excited in front of it:

My mum’s new favourite thing to do for birthdays is put a figure on top! For mine and my brothers I got a mannequin and my brother got a snowboarder! Josie got a figure of someone in a graduation gown and one of those hat thingys:
I promise I'm not drunk in this picture! Haha! We all know that you only get one chance when it comes to polaroids! This one is me with my sister's boyfriend:

Overall the night was immense, and ended with a bit of arm wrestling and some very drunk adults! Hehe, have any of your siblings graduated? Do you have any stories about graduations or graduation parties?

P.S Check out my sisters blog! :) It's brill. xo


  1. Hope you had a lovely time.
    I graduate in september and my sister graduates the same time as me so were looking forward to celebrating :)

    A lovely blog, well done



    1. Thank you :) Good luck with your graduation and have fun xo