Friday, 31 August 2012

Film Review Friday! and SOTD!

Ellie and I have decided that every other (ish) Friday we are going to do 'Film Review Friday!' The films which we review may be new films, and others may be older films.
So anyway, last night I lay in bed beyond bored and decided to watch 'letters to Juliet' and I thought it would be great to do the first Film Review Friday and SOTD of our blog! It's a film about a girl called Sophie (played by the ridiculously gorgeous Amanda Seyfried) who works at 'The New Yorker' and is about to get married to Victor ( played by Gael García Bernal) her fiancée. The couple travel to Verona 6 weeks before they plan to get married. Whilst in Verona, Victor spends his time either at a wine auction or sampling food for his new restaurant. This leaves Sophie finding herself at Juliet’s wall, alone and confused as to why there are so many sad and crying women of all ages here. She soon discovers that this is where women come to write their letters of heartbreak, post them on Juliet’s wall, and wait for a reply from Juliet's secretaries.
Sophie follows one of Juliet’s "secretaries" back to their office style home where they reply to all of the letters. Sophie gets to know the ladies and the next day she goes back to the wall to help one of the secretaries bring in all of the letters. Here, Sophie finds a 50 year old unanswered ‘letter to Juliet’, hidden behind an ancient brick, written by a 15 year old girl.
As Sophie is aiming to eventually become a writer one day, rather than her current job of a fact checker, she decided to spend hours writing a reply to the letter from the heavyhearted teenager, Claire, in the hope that she will receive it.
Days pass by, and the group of secretaries, including Sophie, get a visit from a not-so-happy Grandson of Claire (played by the effortlessly marvellous Vanessa Redgrave) called Charlie, who is played by Christopher Egan to perfection. After Charlie has lectured Sophie as to why the letter was an awful idea and stormed out in rage, Sophie races after him to meet Claire. The story goes on finding more out about the characters.
The trio (Sophie, Claire and Charlie) tour a certain radius of Verona in search for the charming man Claire wrote about in her letter Lorenzo Bartolini (Franco Nero). Sophie uses this as an opportunity to write that life-changing story that will hopefully upgrade her job from a fact checker to a writer, and become a published article in 'The New Yorker.'
They visit an uncountable amount of Lorenzo Bartolinis. On one of the evenings they all spent together, Charlie and Sophie found themselves in a very romantic setting of lying on an isolated area of grass underneath the stars. Aaaahh :) This is where they share there first kiss together.
Sophie soon realizes what she is doing and awkwardly runs away to her room. Not to her knowledge, Claire was watching the whole thing from her room.
From the uncomfortable-ness of the trip, they decided that the next day they would return to Verona. The minxy Claire asked Sophie to sit in the front seat next to Charlie ;) It was all silent in the car, apart from Claire’s singing and it was then that Claire noticed the vineyard of the wine which she and Lorenzo used to drink together. They deicide to take a look. Driving down the vineyard, Claire forces Charlie to a halt. Claire believes that the young man who is working on the vines is her Lorenzo. She soon discovers that her ACTUAL Lorenzo is out horse-riding and will be back shortly. Just as they were about to leave, guess who rides in?! Lorenzo, of course! Claire and Lorenzo reunite, and after a very Italian meal, with all the family, Sophie goes back to Verona to return to New York.
Back in New York, Sophie’s story is published in the New Yorker, and she breaks up with Victor before returning to Verona for Claire and Lorenzo’s wedding. At the wedding, Sophie finds Charlie with another girl called Patricia which makes her run off crying. Charlie chases after her and Sophie admits her love for him, but tells him to go back to Patricia. Charlie tells Sophie that Patricia is actually his cousin, and he climbs up the vine which leads to the balcony which Sophie is standing on. Accidentally, Charlie falls down. The couple kiss as he lies on the ground with the whole of the wedding party watching, Claire and Lorenzo at the front :)
So it's very romantic, which is right up my street! I mark it a 4.5 out of 5, and love it that it doesn't tell us what happens after, like a wedding or whether they even stay together or not, it gives us the chance to imagine the ending. I'd say another high point of the film is that the acting is very believable. From the over-protective Grandson, to the very stereotypical Italian man claiming to be Lorenzo, just so he can be taken away from his wife, with his wife encouraging it! It's just so brilliant! So if you haven't already, try and get the chance to watch it :)
Now, it's SOTD time! Because of watching this film, which has the song in on a couple of occasions, I had 'Love Story' but Taylor Swift stuck in my head all day the next day! It's such a beautiful song, and I have always loved it! I hadn't listened to Taylor Swift in a while as well, so it was nice to listen to her again :)

She's so pretty, right?!

Love Story

Sorry it was such a long post, but when I start writing, sometimes I just can't stop! Hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think! :)
Dommie x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sisters Forever

This is, yet another, nail polish post. I am so excited about this look, so here it is!
For this look, I used (as always) Barry M All In One Nail Paint as a base coat, and then used Kendall On The Katwalk on one finger, and Wear Something Spar-Kylie on the other. I then carried on this pattern of rotating which colour I used on each finger. They are both Kardashian Kolors from the Nicole by O.P.I range, and they are practically the same, just different colours.
To finish off I again used the Barry M All In One Nail Paint, as a top coat. What do you think of my nails? I am so in love with them, and I think that it is even cuter that they are colours from both Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, whom you should know, that I adore!
Dommie xo

Monday, 27 August 2012

My Baby Is Poorly :(

Last week, my Mum decided to take our family dog (Archie) to the vets as she had noticed a lump growing on his tail. The Vet took a sample of the lump to send away for testing. Once the results had returned, we were told that it was just a fatty tissue lump, but the Vet wanted to take more of the lump out, just to double check, in case it was cancerous etc. The Vet and my family decided that it would be better just to get the whole lump removed, so last Friday, that is what the Vet did.
My Dad took Archie to the vets at 8:50am and my Mum and I picked him up at 2:50. He has been whimpering a bit, mainly in the mornings and when his doggy pain killers and antibiotics have worn off. Yesterday, we took him back to the Vets to see how he was getting on, and to see if the padding on his tail could be removed. As it is an open wound and there are so many risks with it being on his tail, we decided to just change the dressing. Poor little Archie didn't like that! He cried and whimpered when the (very lovely) Vet carefully removed the plasters and the rest of the dressing. They switched the dressing from chickens to this:
My dog is becoming stylish :) (Imagining that old emoticon where the smiley face has sunglasses on and nodding his head right now! Does that still exist?) Archie will have to go through the agony (maybe a slight over exaggeration) of having the dressing removed again! And then he will have to wear one of those lampshades around his neck so he won't try to bite his tail. Aww bless him :( Get Well Soon Archie!
Dommie x

P.S I hope you're enjoying your bank holiday Monday :) What have you been getting up to? x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I've Been Baking!

You should know something ... I am so in love with baking! You know how I go on about nail polishes ALL THE TIME? Well that is the same way about baking. I would say my main ambition in life is to one day own a Bakery, and I will do whatever it takes (career wise) to eventually get there. So for practice, whenever I can get the chance to, I quite simply bake :)
This week, I baked a loaf of Rosemary and Sea salt Foccaccia - which unfortunately I do not have a picture of for you, my Dad demolished it before I got the chance to snap a pic, but here is what it turns out like and the recipe which I partly use (I have changed it a little ;) ) - a batch of chocolate cupcakes:
some shameless Cake-Pops:
and some timeless chocolate Mousse:
There you go! What do you think of them all, everyone who did try them loved them - which is always a good sign! I love to change recipes and add my own little touch. Do you bake often? If so, what?! Let me know :)
I will now leave you with a picture of a sunflower... I am trying to make my photography a bit better :) Can I just emphasise on the 'trying' part please? I don't want to make any promises that are likely I won't be able to keep, hehe.
Dommie x

P.S If you want the recipes for these or recipe ideas, just e-mail me on :) x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Best Served With Jam

On mine and Ellies 'About Me' section of our blog, it says that we are interested in cooking and baking, more me than Ellie honestly, but she can cook rice without burning it now, so there's and improvement. Anyway, I have used Jus-Rol Easy Bake Croissants a couple of times, and I know it is pretty different to the rest of the blogosphere, but I thought I would give it a go, so I decided that they would be perfect to do a review on.
First of all you simply open the convenient packaging
and the pastry will fold out:
Once fully out of the packaging, and rolled out, you will get 6 triangles like this:
The triangles have already been slightly seperated so it will be easier to pull them apart. Next, you will need to stretch out the triangles.
And then fold the top of the triangle down, and keep folding to the bottom of the triangle. Soon, your 6 pastry triangles should look like this:
After cooking them in the oven for the amount of time written on the packaging (I think it was 10 - 15 minutes) your croissants will look something like this:
As you can see in the picture above, the final results do not look exactly the same as shop bought or completely home made croissants, but as a more home made alternative, they are a great idea. They taste delicious, especially straight out of the oven!
Would you ever like to try these croissants? Have you ever made croissants from scratch (I have, it was pretty fun, and the end result wasn't too bad)? Let me know!
Dommie x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Final Buys

I have already mentioned in a few other posts that I am pretty much addicted to nail polishes. It just gives me such a great feeling when I finally narrow down which colour(s) to purchase, and I return home and try them out. Then, of course, you can mix and match all different colours to make exotic patterns on your nails. Plus, who doesn't love that feeling once you have successfully painted all of the nails on both of your hands with-out smudging them?! It's just amazing... so you can tell why I love them so much, right? Ok, it might just be me:/ Anyways, these 2 nail polishes are my 'Final Buys' (in nail polish terms) for 1 month. I did, however, order these on the 15th, so I have gone 7 days with out making any nail polish purchases. Yet I have had LOADS of temptation.
The one on the left is called 'Disco Dolls' and is from the Kardashain range with Nicole by O.P.I.
This is what it looks like on:
I have had my eye on this colour for some time now, yet never had the erge to buy it until the other day. It cost me £6.98 from HQHair
with free P&P.
Next up is:
Wear Something Spar-Kylie! Also from the Kardashian range from Nicole by O.P.I. My sister bought this a while ago, she let me try it out, and I fell in love with it. So I decided to buy this for £9.00 from BeautyBay, which came with free P&P too. I have also given this as a gift to a friend of mine in the past, along with a sweet and chocolate bouquet, and she loved it too!
This is what the spar-kyling (see what I did there :) ) beauty looks like on:
The delivery from HQHair came on the 18th, after having ordered it on the 15th, and my BeautyBay Parcel came on the 20th after having ordered it on the 15th as well. So the P&P was good from both companies :)
I am so pleased with both of my new colours, and I will not be buying anymore nail polishes until the 15th September, which is perfect as it is the day before I go on holiday, so I can buy some nail polishes there :) Do you think I can do it? Plus, do you like these colours?
Dommie xo

Monday, 20 August 2012

O.P.I Nail Polishes

Personally, I blame my sister. When she and my dad went to Colorado last January, they brought me back some Nicole by O.P.I nail polishes, two of which were Kardashian Kolors (if you didn't already know, I love the Kardashian/Jenner clan). I had already heard about O.P.I nail polishes before, even used them because my other sister was given some for a birthday present once. I also knew that the Kardashian family had released a nail polish range with O.P.I, but I thought I would just have to wait until I go to America one day (which will happen!) to buy some, I didn't even think about asking my dad and sister to bring me some back - I was too busy writing a list of sweets for them to buy me! So as you can imagine, I was ecstatic when they gave me the nail polishes, along with loads of other goodies. This contributed to my nail polish collection and love. Before I knew it, I was on Very ordering myself more!
I knew my addiction was getting out of hand, I was spending around £21 almost every month on nail polishes (it doesn't seem like a lot, but in one go when you have no job = regular income, it is!) so I didn't buy any more for about 5 months. This is until I was informed that Asos were selling them, and my sister had paid for unlimited next day delivery for a year! It was surely a sign? I had been saving my money for some time now, even though I wanted so many things, I felt guilty buying myself presents all the time! But I thought 2 (cheaper) nail polishes wouldn't harm. So these are the colours I decided to order!
The colour on the left is 'Pink Friday' by Nicki Minaj, which cost me a reduced £6.50, and the one on the right is 'Kendall On The Katwalk' a Kardashian Kolor. This one cost me £5 rather than the usual £9 – bargain!
This is how they look on:
I adore both of these colours, and I was also very surprised by this really cute box they came in, I was not expecting this at all!
Dom impressed? Check! I (unbelievably) have never ordered form Asos before, and I can't wait to order more! What do you think? xo

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Which One?

I usually opt for the statement lips rather than eye, however, recently it has occurred to me how gorgeous eye make up can look. Therefore I am currently in search for a new mascara. I am happy with the ones that I have, I just feel like buying myself a new one soon, so then I can rotate which one I use :) The ones which I use already are Diorshow Blackout and Diorshow 360.
I would completely recommend both of these mascaras. Diorshow Blackout, for me, if used for a more subtle eye make up approach, and the Diorshow Blackout is what I use when I am really going out there ;)
The 2 mascaras which I am debating between are Benefit: They're real, and Lancôme Hypnôse Drama.
I have myself tried the Benefit mascara which, at the time, I did have mixed feelings on, but I have come to realise that I do like it. I have heard such good reviews about the Lancôme mascara too. So I am asking front your help now :) Which one would you go for? Or do you recommend other?
Dommie xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

NOTD (a couple of days ago) #2

For some peculiar reason, this nail designs reminds me of either an ice-cream, or a pretty dress, hehe!
3D bows - alike all nail art - is really coming into fashion these days, right? My thoughts are that if you can't beat them, join them, plus I have always loved nail polishes and nail art, so it really is a win win situation! I decided that I would join this superb trend, and order myself some 3D nail art bows off EBay. I think these ones were 99p, with free P&P - how good is that?! So for this look, I applied a base coat of Barry M All in One Nail Paint, I find it is the best at its job, which is to act as a base and top coat, and a nail strengtheners. Once this had dried, I used Barry M Blue Moon, with 3 coats.
I then used the All in One Nail Paint as a top coat. Once all of my nails had dried, I used some nail glue to stick the bow down, and held it for about 15-20 seconds, however it did feel secure after about 8-10 seconds.
And hey presto! :) Hope you like it!
What do you think of nail art? Have you tried any of the trends? xo

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nars Blusher: Deep Throat

Hallelujah! I have wanted this product for some time now, and to be truthful with you, it feels AMAZING to finally have it! I had heard of this shade quite a lot before:
(Deep Throat in case you couldn't see it)
And when I was in the shop, reading to buy, I knew that I would end up going for this one out of all the shades.
It is a perfect blusher to buy, as it looks good both lightly and (not too) heavily applied. It can be built up to be very red looking on your cheeks, but with 1 or 2 brushings, I find that it is a really lovely rose colour. I did try to do the swatches on my hand, but they were awful and wouldn't have been much help for you to see to be honest. So I am planning to do a big post on my entire make up collection in a couple of months :) I am deeply in love with my new blusher! So I definitely recommend it if you are in search of a new one. Which blusher do you use? x

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I have never done a Nails Of The Day post before, therefore I am very excited about this. I literally change my nails everyday, but these have lasted for 3-4 days now, and are only just beginning to chip! I just figured that them lasting so long and with me receiving so many compliments about them from a range of people, it was a sign that I must do the first NOTD post on them!
To create the look I began with the Barry M All In One Nail Paint; it hardens the nail and is a base and top coat. Next I used 3 coats of an Essie nail polish, I'm really sorry but I don't have the name of this polish! After it drying I applied O.P.I Divine Swine which I stole of my sister! Don't worry she knows, hehe. Finally, I coated my nails with the All In One Nail Paint and swiped across the ends to seal them. So here is the finished look!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Our blog was recently tagged by Belle Amie Beauty

All The Pretty Things

Paris When It's Pink

Nichola Tolchard
for the Liebster Blog Award, so thank you very much my lovelies! I have been informed that the Liebster Blog Award is for upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. And that the meaning is that Liebster is German for sweetest, kindest, pleasant etc.

The rules are:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and then link them in your post.
4. Go to their blog and tell them.
5. No tag backs.

11 things about Dom:
1. I am addicted to the Kardashian/Jenner family.
2. My sister gave me the encouragement to actually do a blog.
3. My favourite lessons are English, French, R.E and Psychology
4. I am in love with the idea of being in love!
5.I have one dog called Archie
6.I feel so relaxed when I cook/bake and when I read.
7.One of my favourite books right now is 'To Kill A Mockingbird.'
8.I love the film 'Breakfast at Tiffanys', and, of course, Audrey Hepburn.
9.I always plan my hair for the next day! - Embarassing!
10. The year group I am in (10) was the first year group at my school to take their GCSE's a year early.
11.My younger brother was born on my first birthday!
11 things about Ellie
1. I am an only child.
2. I have a dog called Jack.
3. My favourite colour is green.
4. I am hopefully having my room re-decorated this summer! Yey!
5. My favourite place in the world is Whitby ; my nan and grandad live near and i've been going there since i was about seven or six.
6. Chirstmas is my favourite time of year :)
7. Dom and I and a couple of our other friends are planning on going travelling together A.S.A.P! I litreally cant wait to travel.
8. Skitles, skitles, skitles i could eat them all day.
9. I go swimming quite regularly, most of the time with my Aunty.
10.I love getting manicures, pedicures and most spa/beauty treatments!
11. I think i'm possibly addicted to shopping

Questions from Belle Amie Beauty:
1. What piece of makeup could you never live without?
Dom: No7 Colour Calming primer.
Ellie: Rimmel London Match Concealer.
2. Do you have a nervous habbit?
Dom: Yes! I twiddle with my ring that I wear everyday.
Ellie: I probably talk uncontrollably but i usually talk uncontrollably anyway.
3.What's you favourite ice-cream flavour?
Dom: Probably vanilla, but I am a huge fan of Mint-choc-chip! :)
Ellie:Mint-choc-chip all the way
4. What magazine do you read on a regular basis?
Dom: We're going to have to make this plural! I regularly read Company, Teen Vogue, Look and Seventeen.
Ellie: Either Look or Company
5. What is your best holiday memory?
Dom:I was in Disneyland Paris with my family for my brother's 16th birthday, and my younger brother really wanted a 'Casey's Hotdog' and he kept asking for one, so in the end we all were taking the mickey (excuse the pun!) out of him saying 'dylly want hotdog!' and we still say it now. However, there was the time in France with Ellie and our room set the fire alarm off for the whole Chateux!
Ellie: I would have to say Italy or France. Italy because it was amazing and I loved it. I went with my mum and dad and we drove from the airport to Naples and visited all the sights and then for the last two days we went to Rome which was so beautiful, but tiring .FranceI loved Dom, I and our other friends went to France with school. It was great and was such a good laugh :) apart from the fire alarms and falling over...oops.
6. What's your favourite fashion colour this summer?
Dom:I'm loving all pastels, such as the mint colours and coral. However, I am liking nauticul colours and the more vibrant shades.
Ellie:I'm really loving coral but a deffinte florals every summer!
7. Do you have any piercings? Or what would you like to get pierced?
Dom:We're boring - it's only ears!
8. What's your career ambition?
Dom:I would love to work at a magazine and be a journalist. Or working on photo-shoots, like a styler! It was only the other day Ellie and I and another friend of ours went shopping and our other friend and I decided we wanted to be personal shoppers! And of course, my overall ambition is to own a bakery/cafe.
Ellie: Fashion writing for a fashion magazine would be ace and it's something i'd love to be able to do but overall i would love to be a teacher
9. Are you vegetarian?
Dom: no,am I heck!
Ellie: nope
10. Are you going away this summer?
Dom: ooh la la je ne sais pas! Sorry about the french, that is probably my favourite thing to say, I think my family and some family friends and I are going on a few weekends away.
Ellie: Yes to Croatia; which i am so excited about
11. Do you have a favourite flower?
Dom: My favourite flower is probably roses because my mum and grandma love them! However, I do love all flowers and my parents used to be florists (that is where they met!) so I definitely have an eye for a pretty flower.
Ellie: I absolutely adore tulips.

Questions from All The Pretty Things.
1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be
Dom: My legs.
Ellie: My stomach.
2. The last beauty product you bought?
Dom: My Nars blusher.
Ellie: Max factor nail polish
3. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
Dom: A llama.
Ellie: A panda.
4. Sweet or Savoury?
Dom: Sweet.
Ellie: Sweet.
5. What is your fave nail varnish?
Dom: Wow! There are just so many, I love them all!
Ellie: My green Barry M one.
6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Dom: America.
Ellie: New York would be an amazing palce to live :)
7. What would be your perfect holiday?
Dom: A trip around America.
Ellie: I couldn't decide a trip around the world would be so amazing.
8. Where do you like to shop online?
Dom: Kukee for accessories, and my Mum has banned me from shopping for clothes online because I order too many! Haha! But I do love a nice hoodie from American Apparel ;)
Ellie: The vintage shop 'Cow'. i love it!
9. Do you get any beauty boxes?
Dom: Nope:( My sister does though, so I am definitely on the look out.
Ellie: Same as Dom really.
10. What would you do if you got a £1000 tomorrow?
Dom: I would take my family to Croatia or somewhere exotic, or on a shopping spree!
Ellie: Same as Dom really, I would take my family and friends away
11. Fave celeb style?
Dom: Ooh, I never know what to say when I get asked this question. There are Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Whitney Port, Blake Lively, Sophia Bush, Alexa Chung! Ahh just too many!
Ellie: I love Fearne Cottons , Whitney Ports and Olivia Palermos style but like Dom there are deffinatly too many favourite celeb styles.

Questions from Nichola Tolchard:
1. What's your favourite food?
Dom: The Pollo Pancetta Salad from Pizza Express without peppers and onions with extra goats cheese ;)
Ellie: My favourite meal is so weird but i love it; fish,peas,mash and parsley sauce. It sounds very weird but i have it at my great grandmar and grandads house more when i was younger but it just reminds me of home.
2. What is your worst habit?
Dom: Acting stupid in front of people.
Ellie: Saying 'like' and 'so yeah' when I am in awkward situations or presenting something in front of a group of people.
3. What is your biggest achievement?
Dom: Getting a distinction in my singing Grade 1.
Ellie: Getting all of my rainbow awards for disco dancing.
4. Favourite thing to do at the weekend?
Dom: Bake, design clothing, mainly dresses and see my friends :)
Ellie: Seeing my friends and going out with my family.
5. Most embarrassing moment?
Dom: Too many to pick just the one!
Ellie: Thats difficult it's probably when i've been talking too much and somethings come out that shouldn't off ( a kickunder the table moment) and i have to try and cover it up.
6. Best childhood memory?
Dom: I don't know if this is the best one, but going around Disney picking out a dress with my Dad was so lovely!
Ellie: Meeting Dom for the first time, It was just so inspirational haha but starting school is a nice memory.
7. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 beauty products would you want the most?
Dom: A nail polish to keep me occupied,No7 Colour Calming primer in case i needed to look less red! And some ice cold face wipes.
Ellie: A nail polish, Smashbox primer and some eyebrow tweezers.
8. Favourite tv program?
Dom: Keeping Up With The Kardashians probably. However, there is One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Real Housewives of OC and New York ... I watch too much telly.
Ellie: Hollyoaks, Made In Chelesa, New Girl Britans and Irelands next top model which i have only started watching but i love it!
9. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
Dom: A classic Chanel Handbag
Ellie: All the pairs of Converse i could buy
10. What is your favourite outfit at the moment?
Dom: My cream lace tunic from Topshop.
Ellie: Summer stuff really, flowy shorts and t-shirts.
11. What is your biggest fear?
Dom: Being alone in the dark.
Ellie: Bees & wasps the most but i dislike spiders alot.

Questions from Paris When It's Pink:
1. What is your favourite clothing brand?
Dom: American Apparel.
Ellie: New look or Miss Selfridge
2. How would you describe your own style?
Dom: I've been told it's girly with an edge, but hard to explain!
Ellie: Well Dom says it's vintage looking.
3. Who is your style icon?
Dom: Kourtney Kardashians style is pretty cute.
Ellie: Olivia Palermos style i love :)
4. Who do you find an inspiration? It could be celebrities or people around you!
Dom: My parents and Grandparents. Also, people who just go for it and succeed, and even if they don't succeed, I find them inspirational because they went for it.
Ellie: People who don't care about what others think and deffiantly my mum & dad and just my family inspire me for what they've done and inspire me to do what i want to do
5. Do you prefer a natural make up look or glamorous?
Dom: Natural mainly.
Ellie: Natural.
6. How do you like to spend your holiday?
Dom: Relaxing and doing things that I wouldn't normally do.
Ellie: Relaxing and
7. Winter or Summer fashion?
Dom: Ooh, I'm indisisive
Ellie: Summer, but I quite like knit clothing.
8. What's your favourite band/music artist?
Dom: The Black Keys.
Ellie: Oooo thats difficult i cant decide.
9. Do you have any hobbies?
Dom: Yes, baking.
10. What's your favourite film?
Dom: Right now I would have to say Breakfast At Tiffanys because I watched it the other day.
Ellie: Ermmm probably Grease or Bridget Jones which are just classics
11. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Dom: Both most of the time, it really does depend on my mood.
Ellie: I'm more of a morning person.

11 Questions for you!
1. Do you have any siblings?
2. Do you have a favourite phrase to say/saying?
3. Who is you favourite present celebrity?
4. Who is you favourite celebrity from the past?
5. What text do you type in? i.e Standard English?
6. Do you have on singular best friend? Or a group of best/close friends?
7. What are you most likely to be doing during your free time?
8.Do you/ did you have a favourite subject to study at school/ uni etc?
9. What is the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?
10. What is the one accessorie that you just cannot live without?
11. Are you a bit of an over exaggerator?

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I know we only tagged 6 people but we don't have loads of followers so we had to narrow down our search, sorry.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

H&M Hair Cuffs

You know that feeling you would get on Christmas morning when you were little, once you had opened all of your presents, and you wanted to play with them all, but just didn't know which one to go for first? Well that is the feeling I have been getting with these beauties!
I first heard about these about 3 months ago reading a magazine, and as soon as a saw them and read about them, I just knew I had to purchase some, and fast because I think that these are going to be HUGE. You would expect them to get all knotted up in your hair, but they don't. They just tie like a normal bobble and you them clip the cuff around the attached bobble. And with the half cuff style one, it fits perfectly :)
All of these were purchased from H&M.
I think that these are a great way to make a normal pony tail look good, and like you have made an effort - so they are a bit of a cheat really! I may even try them at the top of a fishtail plait or something like that, to give my hair style more of an edge. What do you think of them?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nottingham, My Love

After having been there twice in the past 7 months, I can safely declare that Nottingham is becoming one of my most favourite shopping destinations in the UK! My amazing experience there, back in February with Ellie, made me jump to the chance to accompany my sister on her shopping trip there, yesterday. Going with my sister enlightened me to a completely different part of Nottingham. We went into a couple of the little "boutique" style, cosmetic shops. However, finding these proved to be a difficult task for my sister - well her Google Map on her phone.
Getting to Nottingham itself was easy. We took the train, and we knew the way from the train station to the shopping area. It wasn't far. But once in the shopping area, we traipsed about 2 miles looking for this one shop called SpaceNK. During this trek I did get a HUGE blister on the back of my foot :( So I had to buy some new, more comfy shoes: D
These are from ARK, and only cost me the reduced price of £10 from £19.99, which I thought was a really lucky reduction! I have wanted some simple ballet pumps for quite a while, so now I have them.
Foot disaster over! We eventually found SpaceNK, and oh my, the walk was worth it! It was such a nice experience to be in the shop. We spent about 30 - 40 minutes in there, looking at and trying all of these new products. My sister had read about them online, but I hadn't even heard of some of them! From this shop I EVENTUALLY bought the NARS blusher I have been wanting for ages, and I got to try out some of the Chantecaille lipsticks I have heard such great reviews about. It was good to be able to go in and try out the products that I will (hopefully!) be buying in the (hopefully) foreseeable future, as sometimes, it can be difficult to match up online.
Next up we went into Kiehl's - a shop that I had actually heard about ;) My sister bought me a lovely Mango lip balm, and if I am right in saying, it was their first lip balm they made. The smell of it is just delicious enough to eat! But, I wouldn't recommend that as I don't think it is edible! I was also given a free sample of their body moisturiser.
We also went into L'occitane en Provence. Here I bought my parents a bar of apricot soap. It smells divine! They gave me some free samples, too :)
After finishing our shopping in Nottingham we went to the Derby Westfield centre to have some lovely lunch from Pizza Express, and do a little bit more shopping. I got these awesome hair cuffs from H&M which I have been looking for for AGEEEESS!!! I am literally so excited to have them, and can't wait to do a review on them :D :D :D :D :D
I will also be doing a review of the NARS blusher I bought yesterday soon.
So they are my buys! What do you all think, and how are your summer holidays going? x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Concealer crisis

Hey everyone, so i've been looking for a new concealer to try but i haven't found any that i love. So, I was wondering if you guys could tell me what your favourite concealers are and it would be so helpful if you could :) xx

Favourite perfumes

Hi everyone, just wanted to show you my two favourite perfumes. I love perfumes, i mean who doesn't love to wear their favourite perfume. My first favourite perfume is of course Marc Jacobs Daisy. I aabsoutley love this perfume and have for a while. I was bought this bottle for chirstmas from my nan and grandad and I was so grateful. The packaging and design of Marc Jacobs perfumes is by far the best design on a perfume bottle i've seen and is so cute. The one i got for christmas is the pink and black style which i'd never seen before but i think it's great. Of course the perfume smells so nice but i can't really describe it. I love this perfume and would deffinatly recommend taking a sample of trying it :).

So, last thursday me and Dom were shopping in Westfield, Derby and theres a perfume shop as you walk in, we went in to see if we could try out the new Taylor Swift perfume but they had Marc Jacobs new perfume on show called Dot and it's really cute. The packaging looks so cute and like a ladybird. We tried the perfume and is smells gorgeous. So I deffinatly cant wait to try it out sometime.

My second favourite perfume is burberrys eau de parfum for women. Again I love this perfume by burberry it's amazing. I was bought this by my mum and dad at christmas and again i was so grateful anyway but also because i 'd run out and the perfume is gorgeous. I haven't tried any of the other perfumes of burberry but i can say this one is so nice. The perfume is really sweet and obviously has the burberry packaging. The only thing that isn't so great is that the bottles are only small and it runs out easily. I so reccomend this perfume to try and i just love it.

What are your favourtie perfumes? Have you tried any of theese two perfumes? xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic Fever

I wasn't really phased by the idea of having the 2012 Olympics in London. My old Geography teacher (left a year ago) was so excited when we first won the 'bid' to host the Olympics, so I did learn quite a bit about what it would mean for London. My P.E teachers were all looking forward to the Olympics too - expected. Therefore, with the entire buzz about the event, you would expect me to be looking forward to it too, or at least bothered. Yet I wasn't until I watched the opening ceremony. At first I was like "yeah, it's good and must have taken a lot of time and effort, but Britain isn't all about farmers and top hats these days!" Then I realized what it was actually all about, and began to love it! I decided to join in with the rest of Great Britain and various other countries and tune in to BBC1 to watch the Olympics, pretty much on a daily occasion, and I would be right in saying that I am really getting in to it. It has definitely influenced me to get into sport more - not going to promise that though! But I am definitely going to swim more, and try to be good at at least 1 sport. We could call it my mid-year-resolution.
So as I wanted to keep up the Olympics spirit, I have bought a couple of pens and a mug (which came with Cadbury Heroes!). Here they are:
The first picture is Ellies’ pen :) I couldn't decide which mug to buy, there was this one, a Team GB version, or one with an Olympic mascot in it (which was rather cute), but in the end I opted for this one ;) :
So, yeah! I may be going a little bit crazy over the Olympics; only watching this or The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of New York during the day, but I think that Team GB and all of the other athletes deserve our dedication. I could not even imagine being an Olympic athlete AND doing exams on top of other activities - it seems alien and crazy to me. Being in front of all of those people watching there or from there homes would completely and utterly take me out of my comfort zone, so I have great respect for the athletes competing.
Are you enjoying The Olympics? What do you think of them?
I have also noticed my competitive side come out recently, therefore I will leave you with --> GO TEAM GB!