Sunday, 26 August 2012

I've Been Baking!

You should know something ... I am so in love with baking! You know how I go on about nail polishes ALL THE TIME? Well that is the same way about baking. I would say my main ambition in life is to one day own a Bakery, and I will do whatever it takes (career wise) to eventually get there. So for practice, whenever I can get the chance to, I quite simply bake :)
This week, I baked a loaf of Rosemary and Sea salt Foccaccia - which unfortunately I do not have a picture of for you, my Dad demolished it before I got the chance to snap a pic, but here is what it turns out like and the recipe which I partly use (I have changed it a little ;) ) - a batch of chocolate cupcakes:
some shameless Cake-Pops:
and some timeless chocolate Mousse:
There you go! What do you think of them all, everyone who did try them loved them - which is always a good sign! I love to change recipes and add my own little touch. Do you bake often? If so, what?! Let me know :)
I will now leave you with a picture of a sunflower... I am trying to make my photography a bit better :) Can I just emphasise on the 'trying' part please? I don't want to make any promises that are likely I won't be able to keep, hehe.
Dommie x

P.S If you want the recipes for these or recipe ideas, just e-mail me on :) x


  1. yummmy

  2. I have been wondering this for a while....what is a Cake-Pop!? I keep hearing about them and I've no idea.
    This all looks so yummy! I bet they didn't last long. :)
    Mel x

    1. Well the recipe I used for the Cake-Pops were just Oreo cookies with chocolate spread and then I dipped in melted chocolate! Thanks, yeah, especially the mousses. x

  3. I love those little heart moulds!