Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Taylor Swift - Red

I have been meaning to do a quick post on this album for a few weeks now. Always a huge fan of Taylor Swift, excitment came my way earlier this year when she released her latest song as it has been so long since she last released a song and I became even more excited when she released her album - Red :)(You can tell I don't really get out much!) I never really expected Miss Swift to release a song like 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' (like ever!), however I am so happy that she did! On the album there is a mix of songs, some slow and quite calming songs, and others which are more up-beat and ones that you just want to dance along to (I mean, it's not like I just dance around my room to them or anything...) and they get you in a really good/happy mood.
I'd have to say that my favourite song on the album is 22. But of course I love We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together! And Red, I quite like Treacherous too. If i'm going to be completely honest with you, I love them all!
Have you listened to this album or any of the songs on it? What do you think? Dommie x

Thursday, 15 November 2012


A couple of Wednesdays ago Ellie and I returned to Nottingham for a little bit of retail therapy. You can read my post on a couple of things I bought on our last trip to Nottingham HERE. This trip had been talked about for weeks and we had both saved up a fair amount of money (this is considering that myself and Ellie love to spend money AND I had been to London the Monday before and only bought one top which I ended up taking back). On the train we expressed our excitement for Nottingham and it was clear that we both had the same goal, as much as we love make-up, we needed CLOTHES! I'm not going to lie to you though, we may have wandered into the beauty section in Debenhams for an hour or so, and I may have bought this beauty of a lipstick from Superdrug:
But, to be fair, I had been wanting it for ages and they didn't have it in my local Superdrug and it is a fantastic lipstick; long-lasting and you don't have to keep on going over it to make it actually apply onto your lips! Come on, look how beautiful it is! Anyways, after having been into countless shops with nothing that interested us both, myself and Ellie found ourselves wandering around the freezing street of Nottingham with no shopping spirit :( We thought all hope was lost, but then we strolled in to Topshop, and bam! I returned my top from London, and picked up some replacement beauties, and Ellie found a lovely top too! We really did get a great feeling when we both picked up a couple of items, I ended up buying both items I picked up, however Ellie only opted for one of them. It gave me such a great feeling when I tried them on in the changing rooms and they fit perfectly and looked rather flattering :) Aah, I can remember it now :) Here are my buys from Topshop!
The top was £32 and the dress was £26. I don't think they were too expensive, quite reasonable prices to be honest :) I love the detailing on the collor of the top, for me, it means that I can wear the top on a normal day, but it can also be dressed up for going out in the evening or to somewhere that is worth getting dressed up for.
As for the back, for some reason I love it when tops/dresses have this sort of button on the back. What do you think?
I am very pleased that I found the dress. I needed a couple that I could wear with some knitted tights and boots for the winter, so this is great for starting off my collection. I will definitely be buying some more winter dresses soon, so if you know of anywhere I can get some lovely ones, please let me know! Finally, I needed a notebook, so I text Ellie a couple of days before the trip to remind me to go in to the Disney Store to buy one. If you're going to buy a decent notebook, I believe the best place is the Disney Store! Plus it lights up! What more could you possibly want?! Hehe, there was so much more I could have bought, but I knew I needed to save my money. Here it is!
I hope you like my buys :) I think Ellie will be doing a post one what she bought soon. Dommie x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christmas Is Coming!

Yey! Everyone loves Christmas (well, I hope so!) and as it is quickly approaching I decided to make a start on some Christmas shopping and lists of what to get people. Today we went to a Garden Centre. Personally, I love going to garden centres around Christmas time because they always have lovely decorations and gift ideas which both give me that warm Christmassy feeling :) And, to top it all off, The Polar Express was on telly when we got home! I have to say, that in addition to Elf, Miracle of 34th Street and all of the Santa Claus films -ooh and the Christmas Barney film- is my favourite festive film :) Hehe, I have loads!
This was the design on the bag, which I thought was lovely. On the family outing I bought my Grandad a pressie:
And a decoration to hang in my room:
My Grandad is a huge fan of honey with his cuppa so I thought this was perfect. It comes with various types of honey
And I love the bird house style box it comes in :) I think my Grandad will too.
As for the decoration, I love to make my room have the Christmas feel to it for when my friends come round. My Mum does a fabulous job with the rest of the house, but our own rooms are up to us. What do you think of the detailing? I love it!
I have definitely got loads of ideas of what to buy for family and friends this year; I cannot wait to hit the shops :) How is your Christmas shopping going? Dommie x