Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Top 3 Favourite Foundations ♥

Over the past year, my collection of foundations - although still significantly smaller than others - seems to have been building itself up, and I have been able to purchase some of the foundations which I have been wanting for quite a while. When I say 'quite a while,' I'm talking years for one of them!
My top 3 foundations include Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, Nars Sheer Glow and Armani Luminous Silk. Each of these foundations are brilliant, and ones which I would definitely re-purchase. It's hard to put these 3 in order, so through weighing up the pros and cons, this is the order which I came up with.

3.Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum:
This foundation actually amazed me. It was the first drug-store foundation which I had ever used, and it was recommended to me by one of my older sisters. The quality of this foundation is fantastic, long-lasting and makes my skin look flawless - but not too flawless where it looks fake. Bourjois Healthy Mix serum has a buildable coverage, yet also looks brilliant with a lighter coverage for everyday use. For the less expensive price of £9.99, and Boots and Superdrug often having 3for2 through out their range of makeup products offered, buying this foundation is definitely a 'yes' for those of you who haven't already.

2. Nars Sheer Glow:
I rekindled my love for this foundation quite recently. My oldest sister gave this to me, and I loved it! I used it everyday, and felt like it looked amazing. The reason for me stopping its use, was because I was scared that it was running out :( However, a couple of weeks ago, I was craving its radiant finish and had to use it again. My opinion was not displeased, and Sheer Glow lived up to its thriving reputation. If you're looking to spend a bit more on a foundation with an extensive lasting period, and very good coverage, then I suggest finding your way to a Space NK store, picking up this beauty, and maybe a few other goodies...

1. Armani Luminous Silk:

We all have those products which we see, and have it at the top of our lists for a good year or so (even more sometimes) until we eventually buy it, and oh my! The wait was definitely worth it! Well this foundation is without-a-doubt one of them. I first saw this foundation when watching Kendall Jenner's Beauty Bag. Automatically I decided that I just had to try it. Due to its hefty price tag, I didn't buy it for ages and I am so glad that I've got it now! Luminous Silk is very versatile, being my favourite one I reach for to create so many different looks. Like the other two foundations, this one has very good coverage and can be worn all day/night with a constant flawless finish. My favourite way to wear this foundation is with simple eye, my Milani Baked Blush in 'Dolce Pink'  and with a cherry-red lip; a personal favourite of mine being Babylips Cherry Me.

-What are your favourite foundations? Any suggestions?

-Love Dom 

Monday, 23 September 2013

OOTW: Sixth Form Style

Next week - if I'm correct - it will have been a month since I started sixth form. Over the summer holidays, whilst purchasing, and planning, most of my outfits, I decided that I wanted to do a weekly blog post about my favourite outfit of the week:) 
I decided to leave it a couple of weeks in to the term so I could get settled in, and also, if I was to take pictures are sixth form, I would need to find a way of doing so without the entire building thinking I'm a freak! Hehe, in the end, I decided to take pictures in the comfort oft own home this week!
I am so in love with my skirt; this must be the 4th time I've worn it (already!) as I also wore it to an induction day. I got in it the sale from Oasis. 
The shirt is from the Kardashian Kollection in Dorothy Perkins, which I got in December last year! I have barely worn it, but the bagginess, and lace detailing on the shoulder seemed a perfect fit for a
short day at sixth! 
My absolutely gorgeous bag is (of course!) from Zara. I'm sure you've heard millions of things about the office city bag, and I have wanted it for so long! So I decided it would be a school bag for me, and then I had an excuse to buy it! 
So far, I am loving the 'style yourself' aspect of sixth form, I haven't got bored of it yet, and to be honest, I can't actually see myself getting drained of it, regardless to what other people say! I think it's fab!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bioderma ♥

Very rarely will people come across a product that changes their life. I, along with many others, definitely have.
Ok, so it might not be life changing, but it’s definitely in that direction! 
Although I expected that everyone had read a review on Bioderma, I was very surprised to see requests for one. However, I do not mind, at all, as Bioderma is one of my favourite beauty products! 

I bought my first Bioderma last February, on a day trip to France. (Read post here). I am still using the same bottle, at least once a day, and it definitely has a couple of uses left :) Bioderma completely removes any traces of make-up on the face/neck (if you're obsessed with ensuring that your foundation completely matches your skin tone, like I am!) I find that it works best on the bigger, square/rectangular shaped cotton pads, found in the baby section!
 Bioderma is fragrance free, so it isn't harsh on the skin, or to the eyes. Infact, I find it works amazingly as an eye make-up remover, better than the one I used to use. 
If I am correct, I understand that Bioderma is either available now at Boots, or it will be very shortly, and that it is available at leading pharmacies, espeically in London. However, if you haven't found it in stores yet, it is available to buy oline at
I definitely recommend the use of Bioderma, so whenever you can get your hands on some - do! 
Have you ever tried the product? What do you think of it?:) 
-Dom ♥
*Reviews are my opinions only, and I cannot ensure that this specific Bioderma  is suitable for all skin types.*

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I Like Eyebrows ♥

This had been at the top of posts-to-do-list for some time now. My obsession with eyebrows began at an early age. With two older sisters who were such big fans of make-up (I definitely learnt from the best!) I became very familiar with make-up, and the power it had! Soon enough, I found myself judging - well, not necessarily judging, but along those lines - peoples faces, and their appearance, on their eyebrows. How bad is that?!
 Haha, anyway, when it was my time to begin getting my eyebrows shaped -threading is always my option- I made it very clear that I wanted thick eyebrows. Let's just not talk about the year 7 incident when my sister plucked my eyebrows, leaving me with skeletal brows, and looking like an alien for two weeks. Thin brows are just not for my face shape!
Still to this day, I think brows are so important when making your face have that specific look you are going for, and even if thinner brows suit your face shape, I'm sorry, but thick, full brows will always be my preference!
Here are some of my favourite eyebrows rocked by celebrities: 
Annasophia Robb has gorgeous eyebrows! In these close up images, you can see how the make up artist has combed the brows down. I see this on quite a few people, and it looks really good!

The Jenner sisters are gorgeous, and always have perfectly groomed and beautiful brows.

These are my brows. You will have to excuse the dodgy lighting, they aren't completely different in colour! However, as the lovely Zoella once said, 'eyebrows are not twins, but sisters'! At the moment, I am really loving the shape they have, and the thickness they have to them :)

Are you as obsessed with brows as myself? What styles do you like?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

You've Gotta Love Duty Free ♥

To celebrate the end of mine and Ellie's exams, my Mum decided that it was needed to take us away for a small holiday - how kind?! Originally, we were going to keep it in the UK. With my Mum wanting to head off to Wales, and my ache for a trip to Brighton, we thought it would be best to do so. However, with different things which went on (family weddings, etc) we were unable to make our UK holiday, and decided to take it to France!
We took a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais, stayed in Calais for a night, we then headed to Brugge for a night, and then Gent for a night. We have an absolutely amazing time, and ended up being accompanied by my younger brother who definitely made the trip as fun as it was!
You can see images of Brugge and Gent on my Instagram - @domowen97.
Of course, you cannot go on a trip to France/Belgium, without buying a few goodies...

Stocking up!

Available at Boots for £3.19. I got mine for £1.80 at duty free.

I now realise this was made for children, however, it comes with a pretty packaging, and it's pink!

This retails at £6.20 on the Denman website, and I got mine for £4.90 at duty free. I have definitely seen this in Boots, so keep an eye out :)

I have been wanting this foundation since summer last year! On the boat, I was aiming to buy YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation, however, unfortunately they did not stock my shade :(

This retails at £25.50 at Boots. I got mine for £21.65 at duty free, and I am so happy! I just love this product so much!

My first chubby stick! This day has been waiting a long time...

Mine cost me £12.80, and they are £16 at Boots. Definitely worth paying full price for, though!

I think this jar is adorable! Maybe I'll put flowers in it for decoration :)

These perfumes were 2 for 7euros. They both smell absolutely delicious, and are perfect for a refreshing scent during the summer :)
I am so pleased with all of my buys! Honestly, I thought I was going to buy more, but I am glad that I reined myself in :)
Duty free alone, is definitely worth going away for, but France and Belgium were just absolutely beautiful!
Are you going on any summer holidays/weekends away this year?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dotcomgiftshop Buys ♥

I had heard about Dotcomgiftshop on various occasions, but never really took much interest in the sight. This was until I was browsing Instagram, and found a really pretty cake stand. Automatically, I took to the website, and fell in love with the stand. Ordered it, along with another item, and two days later(I was/still am very impressed with how fast delivery was!) my delivery had arrived.
This only cost me £8.95 as it was in the sale! I think it originally cost around £23.
As well as it being gorgeous and handy, it is also multi-use. I think decorating it with my latest Polaroids look gorgeous!

This cost £5.95.

I love the way it looks in my room. With my room being mainly light colours -creams, whites, lots of florals!- the black frame really attracts the eyes as you walk in :)
Dotcomgiftshop offer many gorgeous and unique buys. I am constantly browsing their site, making mental lists of things I just need to buy!
Are you a Dotcomgiftshop fan?
- Dom

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rod Stewart - Inspiration? ♥

When seeking inspiration, like many others, I often turn to the likes of Instagram, where I find many motivating, slightly cheesy, and most of all, inspiring quotes or images. (Such as...)
However, sat at a Rod Stewart concert with my Mum (she loves him. Always has, and always will!) I found it pretty shocking that I was gaining inspiration from him...
Watching him flirtatiously dance across the stage, singing songs such as 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' at the matured age of 68, I thought to myself, wow.
I wouldn't say his music/style is my favourite - I know most of his songs, purely due to my Mum - but going through throat cancer, clearly a huge amount of heartbreak (if you listen to his songs) and still rocking that same hair style, I'd say he's a pretty cool guy, and someone who maybe we could look to -as an example- when we are stuck with what we want to get out of life, and need a touch of encouragement and motivation.
The green suit he wore was inexcusable, however, his passion, persistence and advertisement he gives to 'Help For Heroes' is definitely something that I think such be recognised when we are all aching for inspiration.
If you can see where I coming from at all, the main gist of this is that I believe that everywhere and anywhere we go, we can find inspiration. Whether we are looking for it or not.
I would love to know what motivates you! Instagram: @domowen97

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Lovely Alannah ♥

Returning home from a ridiculously boring revision session, you can imagine my excitement a couple of weeks ago, when I discovered this lovely package from Alannah (Keddie's Closet).
We have already done a huge beauty swap, which you can read here. So, we decided that until we next do a big swap, we will send each other little parcels, to keep our aches for cosmetics from over the pond, satisfied :)
 I am so grateful for everything that Alannah sent me! I said it before, and I will say it again! Alannah genuinely is such an amazing, and lovely person, who I one day would love to meet in person, and someone who I have made a beautiful friendship with :)
I have already used, and become familiar with some of these products, so you can definitely expect some reviews soon!