Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Messy Bun Hair Tutorial

Hey hey :), this post today is a hair tutorial which haven't been done really; so I thought today i'd do one! Also tell me what you think and there will definitely be more to come. YAY! So this week is half term and even though we only get a week off; i'm so excited. We'll most likely being doing a post on the going ons of this week. Also it's halloween this week ooo spooky :) I usually don't do anything for halloween but dom does. I was just wondering if any of you guys are doing anything for halloween this year? Anyway here's todays post and I wear this hair style quite alot. My auntys an amazing hairdresser and kindly does my hair in this bun somedays and I gradually learnt from her and it's really easy and quick to do. It's a kind of high, messy, curly bun and my hair is fairly naturally curly so it's brilliant. This is how you do it: This is my hair before and this is natural but even if you don't have naturally wavy/curly hair you could curl your hair as I would say it would be better if your hair was curly rather than straight. Also this hairstyle can be done if you have long to medium lengthed hair so dont worry about if you think your hair is too short.
Next I put my hair into a pony and usually it's best to put your hair into a high ponytail.
Then I took another hairband and threaded my hair through; so that the ends of my hair are at the front and a small bun is at the back. This is the most difficult part to explain but if you are struggling just post a comment :).
After take some grips and pin down the loose ends of the hair at the front and pin down the bun to make sure it's secure. So it looks like this
Tell me what you think of this post or what kind of hair tutorials you would like to see :) thanks guys Ellie x

Monday, 22 October 2012


This Nails Of The Day post was really an accident. My sisters, myself, my cousin and a friend of mine were all sat in the front room, with the table full of nail polishes and nail transfers and stickers and 3D bows, etc! So I decided to do a different style on each finger. On one finger I had glitter with a bow, the other I had the statue of liberty, the other I had a bow tie and on one I had a sparrow ... so you get the idea, it was not co-ordinated at all, completely random!! However, one of the nails actually looked acceptable.
The next day, I decided to have all of my nails like this. To create this I applied a base coat of Barry M All In One Nail Paint. Once this had dried I applied about 3 coats of Nicole By O.P.I Kardashian Kolor ‘It's All About The Glam’.
After the nails had dried, I used a make-up sponge
to dab the tips of my nails. The nail polish I used for the tip was Nicole By O.P.I Kardashian Kolor ‘Rainbow in the S-Kylie’.
After the tips had dried, I applied another coat of Barry M All In One Nail Paint. Unless you haven't already gathered what they look like from the other pictures, here are the finished nails!
What do you think of them? xo

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mascara Review

Today I am going to review the following seven mascaras for you! :)
To start off with, I am going to review the YSL Shocking mascara (see picture above). One of my sisters offered me this mascara, I accepted and tried it out. However, unfortunately I don't have a picture of what it looks like on my eye lashes to show you today as I tried the mascara before I decided that I wanted to do a review on it and I gave it back to my sister. The reason I gave it back to her is because I found that for me, it was too heavy on my eye lashes, and it made me look like I had 'spider leg lashes' and I wasn't too fond of it. I also found that it was very watery in comparison to other mascara I have tried, so maybe that is why it gave the affect it did. On the other hand, it did have a really lovely smell to it! Maybe this mascara is for you, but it definitely isn't for me. Next up is the Benefit Bad Gal Plum mascara.
I'm sure that you have all heard of the phenomenon which is the original Benefit Bad Gal mascara, so for me, it was nice to try a different colour of it. This is what it looks like on:
I am completely in love with this beauty. With the combination of the magical brush and its deep autumn colour, I say that if you are in the market for different mascara for the up-coming seasons, this is the one. The third mascara is the Bright Turquoise Lightening Mascara by Barry M.
Now, the only products I have ever used by Barry M are their nail polishes and a couple of their lipsticks which I love, and honestly, this product didn't exactly give of the best first impression... The first time I applied it, I didn't even take notice of how well or not well it was applying, I was just shocked by the colour. I didn't realize that it could be used for extra emphasis on the eyes over black mascara, so obviously the thought of someone wearing turquoise mascara on its own shocked me. Thinking about it, I don't know why ... we are in the 21st century! Well anyways, this is what it looks like on:
After applying it this time (I think it was the third) I realized that I did like it, just not for day-to-day wear. I will have to try it over some black mascara though... I have just quickly tried it over the Lancôme mascara which I have been wearing all day (and will also be reviewing) and I think I prefer it on its own.
Recently I’ve been reading The Hunger Games books (how brilliant are they?!) and this mascara actually reminds me of something you would expect someone from the Capitol to be wearing! If you don't know what I'm on about, read the books! I can review them if you like? Yey! I love this next mascara :) It is newest one I have bought, and I wasn't even going to opt for this one. The mascara which I am going on about is Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes.
Initially I was going to by Lancôme Hypnôse Drama as I had heard such good reviews about it, but when I saw this, I tried both of them on and everyone preferred Doll Eyes. This had such a lovely scent to it, and really is what I am looking for in a mascara these days! This is what it looks like on:
Aaahh, it's just so beautiful! Next up is my first nice mascara! The first time I received this was on my birthday 2 (almost 3) years ago. I remember my mum forgetting to give it to me with the rest of my gifts and when she gave it to me whilst I was watching Waterloo Road (see, I can completely remember it!) I ran around the whole house screaming with excitement! That is literally how much simple things can make me happy! Here it is :)
The brush is getting rather old now, so I will definitely be re-purchasing this very soon! It is perfect for making an impression with your eyelashes, and also for low-key everyday use :)
The next mascara is Diorshow 360.
This was a bit of an impulse buy. Well, saying that, it was impulsive for me! I had seen this a couple of times in Boots in Derby Westfield centre, and about 2 weeks after having seen it for the first time, I bought it. I had that feeling where you know something is right! Do you ever get that about make up? Or is it just me?... Hehe, anyways! What I really love about this is because it is revolving, it revolves forwards and backwards, so it is easy to do each eye with a different hand and the bottom eyelashes (if that's what you're fancying on the day!) too.
Finally! It's the L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Luminizer Green Eyes.
I got the first one (I think it was the first anyway!) of this collection when it came out years ago. I obviously loved it; I was only young and it was cool to even have a mascara. So I was pretty excited to be trying it out again ... and it was GREEN!!!! When I applied it, I was pretty un-impressed with the level of pain! I'm not sure if it's just me, but I found that it really hurt! The brush:
is too spikey :( But other than that, the over all finish was quite cool, I liked having green eye lashes:)
I wouldn't agree with the Million Lashes statement, but on the whole, it was fairly good. So they are my mascara reviews! I definitely recommend them all (minus the Barry M one, unless that's what you fancy!) for the specific looks you are going for, but would warn you about the final mascara, I do feel as though it is hazardous. Hehe! I hope I have given you a wide enough range to take a peek at! Have you tried any of these Mascaras? Which ones would you recommend? Dommie x

Monday, 15 October 2012

"Happiness Is A Mood, Not A Destination"

Today has been one of those yo-yo days; your mood drastically changes! I went from happy, to sad, to angry/annoyed, to happy again! Luckily, the good out-weighed the bad today, and I find that is very rare! My day started off like a normal day! I did, however, have a really sore throat, and couldn't talk, but other than that, I wasn’t really expecting anything much to happen. When I got to school, I did what I normally do. Speak to my friends (and anyone else honestly!) found out about their weekend, and had a laugh. I went to my first lesson, and this is when the exciting thing happened! My teacher came up to me and handed me this beauty!
Come on! How beautiful is it?!?!?!
How amazing! I am so excited to read it, I have had a flick through and read 1 or 2 of the articles, but I just love it so much :) So this is the equivalent to happy Dommie! Now I am going to tell you a bit of a story, which made me sad today :( I went to the toilets at school with Ellie at lunch, and on the way back to the cafeteria I saw my brother’s friends all talking. I smiled at them (as you do) and as I walked away - with Ellie laughing at me, she just laughs at everything!- I heard them say my brothers name, Dylan. And the word ‘punch' in the same sentence. I slowed the pace of my walking down to listen in to the conversation because this worried me! Dylan and Punch in the same sentence worried me! Then I saw the head teacher. He told me to go and nurse Dylan. This isn't even a lie, I ran in to the reception/office area of the school - like you see in the movies! - to find Dylan. I honestly did feel like I was in an action film! I couldn't open the office door, so I knocked and Dyls mate saw me and opened the door. How movie like?! And honestly, I just started crying! I am so over-dramatical, but I couldn't help it. Dylan was as pale as a sheep (as they say ;) ) with blood all around his mouth. He looked like a vampire! I made such a big deal out of shock really! Running up to him, questioning who would even do this to someone?! You know when you have sadness and anger in one emotion and it's all weird? That's how I felt. (See what I mean with the very -extremely- dramatical event. I should really be an actress). My mum EVENTUALLY turned up, and we took Dylan to the hospital. Some complete and utter moron had decided it would be funny to punch Dylan 3 times in the face. Honestly, I want to punch him now, but I'm too much of a woos! So, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, this really peed me off! But you know what I thought was nice, when I was sat in the reception area with Dyl (Ellie came with me too!) all of his friends came to see how he was. How nice is that?! They were like "We'll sort him out!" Haha, they won't, well I hope they don't D: But they all never fail to make me smile and laugh! He couldn't have any stitches or glue because it was on the inside of his mouth, hopefully the swelling will go down and it will heal very soon :) After all of this drama, I returned home to find a teeny-weeny package for me. YEY! It was my earrings I had ordered (and completely forgot about!). It was a bit of a surprise for me :)
I love them so much, and can't wait to wear them. I ordered them ridiculously cheap from a shop on EBay, so they took ages to come - that's why I forgot about them ;) What also made me happy today was the fact that on Saturday I raised £122.71 in cash and £10 via text for Macmillan Cancer Support. I want to make it up to £130 in cash before I send them the money, hopefully it will be before the end of the week. I have wanted to do a fund-raising even for some time now, I figured that I am old enough now, so why not?! I hosted a Coffee Morning; they were advertised all over the telly apparently! I baked: Gingerbread love hearts, Chocolate Brownies, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Cake, Lemon and Blueberry Muffins, Strawberry and Champagne Cupcakes, Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins.
Thank you to everyone who donated! Please feel free to donate £5 via text to 70550 saying MAKE 915Y . As far as Mondays go, this one has been pretty eventful. I chose the quote from One Tree Hill (I love that show too much!) as the heading of this post as I believe that today was a prime example of it. People say things like "I will be happy when ..." I'm not going to lie, I do sometimes. But if you really think about it, things can change so much in just seconds, how do we know we will be happy then? Hope you all have a lovely week :) Dommie x

Monday, 8 October 2012

A few buys from New Look

Hey everyone, how are you?. I absolutely adore New Look and just wanted to show you what i got a couple of weeks ago :). So my mum kindly nipped me into town and we passed new look but i couldn't just walk past. Also they have just brought in their autumn clothing and i just wanted to see what they have. At the moment they've got lot's of knitted jumpers and cardgians things for the autumn and winter and i just love it! Here's what i got.
I love these shoes. 1. because they are leopard print and 2. they are just so nice.
I then got this boxy jumper and it's so comfy. I just think it can be worn when it's cold but because of the kind of knit ;you can wear it even if it's not freezing.
Then this jumper and it's oversized which is ace. It's so bold and is really comfy. As it's oversized it can be worn with anyhting jeans, leggings...love it! Have you guys been buying anything from new look lately? :) Ellie x

Saturday, 6 October 2012


YEY! This is my first official OOTD (I did a 'Today’s Outfit' which you can read HERE, but that barely counts!) and I am so excited about it. One of my lovely sisters gave me the dress which I am wearing in today’s OOTD, and I absolutely ADORE it! Hence today’s post:)
The dress is from Asos and the cardigan paired with it is from Dorothy Perkins. I think that the detailing on the dress is so beautiful; the love hearts give the impression of flowers! I wore some cream love heart earrings to match the pattern. I have always loved the more autumny colours, so I thought that this outfit was going in the right direction for Autumn/Winter.
Ellie took these piccies, how good are they?! What do you think of my outfit? Dommie P.S Would you like me to do a hair or make up tutorial for you? I have been told to in the past x