Monday, 15 October 2012

"Happiness Is A Mood, Not A Destination"

Today has been one of those yo-yo days; your mood drastically changes! I went from happy, to sad, to angry/annoyed, to happy again! Luckily, the good out-weighed the bad today, and I find that is very rare! My day started off like a normal day! I did, however, have a really sore throat, and couldn't talk, but other than that, I wasn’t really expecting anything much to happen. When I got to school, I did what I normally do. Speak to my friends (and anyone else honestly!) found out about their weekend, and had a laugh. I went to my first lesson, and this is when the exciting thing happened! My teacher came up to me and handed me this beauty!
Come on! How beautiful is it?!?!?!
How amazing! I am so excited to read it, I have had a flick through and read 1 or 2 of the articles, but I just love it so much :) So this is the equivalent to happy Dommie! Now I am going to tell you a bit of a story, which made me sad today :( I went to the toilets at school with Ellie at lunch, and on the way back to the cafeteria I saw my brother’s friends all talking. I smiled at them (as you do) and as I walked away - with Ellie laughing at me, she just laughs at everything!- I heard them say my brothers name, Dylan. And the word ‘punch' in the same sentence. I slowed the pace of my walking down to listen in to the conversation because this worried me! Dylan and Punch in the same sentence worried me! Then I saw the head teacher. He told me to go and nurse Dylan. This isn't even a lie, I ran in to the reception/office area of the school - like you see in the movies! - to find Dylan. I honestly did feel like I was in an action film! I couldn't open the office door, so I knocked and Dyls mate saw me and opened the door. How movie like?! And honestly, I just started crying! I am so over-dramatical, but I couldn't help it. Dylan was as pale as a sheep (as they say ;) ) with blood all around his mouth. He looked like a vampire! I made such a big deal out of shock really! Running up to him, questioning who would even do this to someone?! You know when you have sadness and anger in one emotion and it's all weird? That's how I felt. (See what I mean with the very -extremely- dramatical event. I should really be an actress). My mum EVENTUALLY turned up, and we took Dylan to the hospital. Some complete and utter moron had decided it would be funny to punch Dylan 3 times in the face. Honestly, I want to punch him now, but I'm too much of a woos! So, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, this really peed me off! But you know what I thought was nice, when I was sat in the reception area with Dyl (Ellie came with me too!) all of his friends came to see how he was. How nice is that?! They were like "We'll sort him out!" Haha, they won't, well I hope they don't D: But they all never fail to make me smile and laugh! He couldn't have any stitches or glue because it was on the inside of his mouth, hopefully the swelling will go down and it will heal very soon :) After all of this drama, I returned home to find a teeny-weeny package for me. YEY! It was my earrings I had ordered (and completely forgot about!). It was a bit of a surprise for me :)
I love them so much, and can't wait to wear them. I ordered them ridiculously cheap from a shop on EBay, so they took ages to come - that's why I forgot about them ;) What also made me happy today was the fact that on Saturday I raised £122.71 in cash and £10 via text for Macmillan Cancer Support. I want to make it up to £130 in cash before I send them the money, hopefully it will be before the end of the week. I have wanted to do a fund-raising even for some time now, I figured that I am old enough now, so why not?! I hosted a Coffee Morning; they were advertised all over the telly apparently! I baked: Gingerbread love hearts, Chocolate Brownies, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Cake, Lemon and Blueberry Muffins, Strawberry and Champagne Cupcakes, Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins.
Thank you to everyone who donated! Please feel free to donate £5 via text to 70550 saying MAKE 915Y . As far as Mondays go, this one has been pretty eventful. I chose the quote from One Tree Hill (I love that show too much!) as the heading of this post as I believe that today was a prime example of it. People say things like "I will be happy when ..." I'm not going to lie, I do sometimes. But if you really think about it, things can change so much in just seconds, how do we know we will be happy then? Hope you all have a lovely week :) Dommie x


  1. So sorry to hear about your brother, people can be so cruel. :( You did so well with your fundraising, the cakes look super yummy! xo

    1. Thank you, he's all better now :) Thanks, it feels so good to have hosted a fundraising event! xx