Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has got to be mine and Ellies favourite time of the year. We start preparing around the end of September! So we are super duper excited that it is here now :) We went to get our nails manicured last Thursday and here is how mine turned out:
I normally would have gone for what Ellie opted for, and Ellie would have gone for what I chose, but we decided to swap it up a little. I think we will make this a yearly event honestly. Last year -as of every other year- I am extremely lucky and receive many beautiful gifts. Here is what I got last year.
Daisy, Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. This set came with a full size lotion, bottle of perfume and a cute mini travel/handbag size perfume. I love this so, so much. I'd say I wear this practically every day! I definitely recommend this if you are looking for something new in the perfume department!
Clogau Welsh Gold is a tradition for the women in my family, so I was so happy when I opened this up last Christmas! I hadn't even put it on my list, I just kept saying to my Mum that I would love a piece of Welsh Gold jewellery which I can wear every day. I am a very lucky girl! And I do wear this every day. The only time I take it off is when I am baking or at the gym/swimming or doing PE. You wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I have received about this beauty :)
YEY! I love Harry Potter, I must have watched all of these DVDs at least 6-7 (more) each this year, and each time they just get better!
Aah, my Kenwood! This also came with several attachments and a smoothie maker and a food processor. I probably use this once a week. Baking is such an obsession of mine - I am still so thankful for this :)
I am still so surprised that I got this sewing machine as well as everything else last year! I love it so much, and I used it over the Christmas period to cover my foam letters for my wall which a friend cut out for me. You can't really see them properly - sorry!
Whenever myself and Ellie write out our Christmas lists (yeah we still write them!) we feel really bad, so we try to keep them as short as possible ...
This year, my list consists of things such as the perfume Dot by Marc Jacobs, a Crepe Machine and some socks! Yet I will be very thankful for everything that I receive, we will just have to wait and see what Santa brings me! This year we are having some friends over for Christmas day - we did the same last year and it was so lovely! So I am really looking forward to it. It will be a day full of turkey, mince pies, charades and lots of fun and happy times! I would love to know how you are spending your Christmas this year! And what you are hoping for! Merry Christmas! Love Dom xx MERYY CHRISTMAS GUYS! I just have to say I'm so sorry that I haven't done any blog posts lately and it's been Dom posting lovely posts, but we've just been so busy with exams and things. Anyway, it's Christmas and as Dom said it's must our favourite time of year by far. With all the beautiful Christmas decorations, being with family and friends, Christmas dinner, giving and receiving presents and all the other great things about Christmas. We've been excited for about 4 months and it's just the best time of year. So in my house we've put up all the decorations which look very pretty (not like Dom’s winter wonderland house :) ) but we love the decorations. Dom and I decided we reallY needed to get our nails done. We went on thursday, so we would have them all lovely for the last day at school before we broke up for Christmas. We love our nails an dthey are just amazing. Also the people at the place we wen to are just lovely :). Here are my nails which are a burgundy colour which really suit Christmas and glittery gold on my ring finger.
Last Christmas (bit of wham! Christmas song) I got a lot of presents, more than I should of. I really got clothes, vouchers, perfumes and loads more, which were just the perfect presents. I also got some lovely earrings for Christmas last year which are so beautiful but I've only worn them once or twice, so i will definitely be wearing them more.
Another present I got last year which was from my mum and dad and it was a gigantic box just full of beauty products which would last me throughout most of the year which was brilliant. I was very spoilt by my all my family and friends and just loved all of my presents. This year we've both tried to keep our lists as small as possible. I just feel so bad because my list is quite long this year. On my list I’ve asked for clothes, DVD’s and a Cath Kidston bag. I will be so thankful and grateful for any presents I receive but most of all I just would love an ace Christmas. This year I’ll be going to see all my wonderful family Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day just relaxing and having fun. Then, I will be visiting some of my family later in the week. I hope you all have a lovely and magical Christmas with family and friends. Also we'd absolutely love to know what you’re all planning for this Christmas and Happy Christmas :) Love from Ellie xxx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

School Style ;)

Long time no blog post, huh?! Myself and Ellie have been so, super busy with absolutely everything, and as much as we have been meaning to do a couple of posts, we have just never got around to it ... SORRY! Anyways, who is excited for Christmas?! We are, and we have a post dedicated to Christmas coming up after this one, so if you fancy it, have a read! Back to this post... As you may have gathered, Ellie and I are only 15 and we live in quite a small town which doesn't experience many new, exciting things (the only thing we can think of is that this year we have an ice-rink in the town centre). So we don't really get the opportunity to do any posts on things we see during our day-to-day lives. And as much as we are grateful for everything that we get to experience and do, because of our limited age, we have to plan most of our events. Therefore, this is why we have decided to this post - our version of Street Style! About 2 weeks ago (see what I mean with being busy?!) our school held a wear what you want day. However, as it was a charity event, we had to wear white or a silly hat. Although, I don't think many people did! Myself and Ellie decided that we would use this opportunity to take a look at some peoples outfits, and if we liked them we'd ask them if it was ok to take a picture of it and upload it on to our blog. Thankfully, our school is full of lovely people who were fine with having their photo taken by us both to use :) Unfortunately, we both had loads to do during this particular day at break and lunch, so we didn't get as many photies as we would have liked, but we are happy with the ones that we got :) Here it goes! First up is Liv.
Ellie and I liked her outfit because it's simple, but with the detailing on her scarf and shiny hand duo it makes it slightly different. We both love the leather sleeves on Livs jacket, and I’m not sure how well you can see it, but the cranberry red coloured jumper/top she wore with the forest green jacket really work well together and are perfect for this season. We were both besotted by her nails and ring! Like most girls, we love a bit of sparkle so we really love it on Livs nails. Her Swarovski ring is BEAUTIFUL! And the slight pink tone matches her cute boat style shoes (which you can see in the pictures, sort of!) Ellie and I were both surprised by how much we love the skull patterns this year. Ellie is a bit more experimental with patterns than I am, however, during the summer we both fell in love with the edgy skulls and roses pattern, so we loved Livs scarf and think it goes perfectly with her outfit adding a slight girly touch with the pink on it matching her ring and shoes :) Next up are Cathy, Marissa and James. Marissa is the organizer of the wear what you want day and said that she felt the need to make the day a bit silly (hence the silly hats we were told to wear!)
We really liked Cathys necklace, as we said we like a bit of sparkle, and we like the way our attention was drawn to her necklace under Cathys atumn toned outfit.
Ellie also has the skirt that Marissa is wearing here. We pointed out to Marissa that we liked it that she paired the outfit with a brown belt rather than a black belt. We thought that a black belt would have looked nice as it would have matched her top and skirt, but we were super happy that she chose brown as it looks lovely with the colours on her skirt -even though her Mum told her she should have worn black- and because it "makes the outfit" (and because it is what we would have chosen!)
Marissa said that she chose this skirt to add a bit of colour to the season, hehe! We love Marissa! We also like the lace detailing on her River Island top with the velvet collar. It's very pretty :)
We really liked James' hat and pattern on his jumper.
It may look sunny on the photos, but it was FREEZING that day. So James' outfit choice was perfect for the weather :) Ellie is always wearing hats similar to James' and she always looks so cute. I really need to invest in one! Next up is Harriet’s outfit. Bless her she is one crutches :( Hope your feeling better Harriet!
Ellie and myself both love her studded jacket. She also has studs on the collar of her top. We both love the wear a jumper over a collard top look! To accessorize her outfit, Harriet chose this fun headband and bracelet. We love them both! I love to experiment with different hair accessories, and Ellie is good with cute clips as well, so we now both really want a headband similar to Harriett’s. We saw them in River Island AGES ago, we just never got round to buying one :(
Myself and Ellie think that bracelets are so much fun to use when accessorizing and outfit - do you agree? - we love to layer them up or just have one or two simple, dainty ones. They really add detail to an outfit, in our opinion, and they are so easy to just whack on! So they are the piccies we took of a couple of people in our year. Now you get to see what we both wore! Yey! Lucky you ;) Here we are looking very goofy (we just can't take a serious picture!)
We bought part of Ellies outfit in Nottingham earlier this year (you can read about our trip HERE). I love Ellies hat! See, doesn't she really suite them?!
In my opinion, her outfit is very comfy (she even said that herself!) and chilled out - Ellie all over really :)! I really adore all of the colours that she wore! Ellie chose to pair her outfit with her trusty converse. As for myself, I chose to wear this top because I love the velvet detailing on the bow, down the front of the top and on the polka dots on the sleeves.
I love the Victorian style high neck of this top :) This top is out of the Kardashian Kollection from Dorothy Perkins. I chose to finish off the outfit with an American Apparel hoodie (it's the first one I EVER bought! I got it almost 2 years ago! They are such an investment ;) ) and a pair of comfy Supergas. If you want to know where anything that anyone is wearing here is from, then leave a comment and myself and Ellie will be sure to get back to you! What do you think of all of these outfits? Please let us know! Love from Dom&Ellie xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Magazine Freebies & A Few Other Bits And Bobs!

First of all I would like to apologize about the lack of care and attention myself and Ellie have been paying to our blog recently, we have been unbelievably busy with school work. This week is full of mock exams :( And over the past few weeks we have been to all sorts of college/sixth form open evenings, so as much as I hate to make excuses, I am SORRY! On the brighter side, when I began this post I had just returned from my schools sixth form opening evening. Things are looking positive as I have finally decided on what subjects I would like to study at A Level and where I want to study them; I did have a rough idea but now it's certain. I think Ellie has made her mind up too :) Fantastic, anyways... I absolutely love magazines, all of them! I tend to buy certain ones more often than others, but if they have a person on the front who I like, well then I'm likely to buy it! Last month I bought 3 magazines, and I'm not sure if they are still in the shops, but this post is about the freebies I got with them (hence the post title). The magazine buying last month consisted of Cosmopolitan (not a normal buy for me as I think a lot of its contents can be a bit old for me, and with the stuff written on the front cover, it can be a bit awkward to hand to my dear mother to buy for me...) Marie Claire (again, not a regular buy, but I receive the e-mails daily from them to keep me in the loop) and More (out of all 3 I purchase this the most, a lot of the time it's weekly to be honest).
With Cosmopolitan magazine I got a 100ml VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme Heat Defence. I opted to buy the Kardashian Kover (see what I did there ;) ) for this magazine as it was that or One Direction, and as much as I do (slightly shamefully) love One Direction, I had to stick with the girls in this case following the highly anticipated release of their Kardashian Kollection in the UK last month.
Next up, Marie Claire - with the wonderful Nicole Scherzinger on the front! - came with the Jemma Kidd i-define Volumising Mascara.
And finally, with More magazine I was very happy to find that I got a Models Own nail polish in Nude Beige. The magazine only cost me £1.50, so how much of a bargain is that?! You could also choose to get another nail colour or one out of two shades of a lip-gloss. I thought I'd opt for this one as I need a nude colour so this was/is perfect :)
And here are images of the other nail polish colour I could have chosen and the lipgloss colours:
So that was last months magazine freebies, and now it's time for a few bits and bobs that I picked up in boots a couple of weekends ago. To start with I bought some VO5 Hot Oils. I have been using these for about 8 weeks now and absolutely worship them! I use them every Sunday and they do a phenomenal job for my hair. Both of my older sisters use these Hot Oils but they get it all in a bottle, but I think it's still the same, I just thought these would be more convenient for me.
The instructions recommend using one of these little cuties once a week in order for the potion to work properly :) On my mini haul I also picked up some Dry Shampoo and Dove Hair Care Stay In Conditioning Spray.
I haven't used this Dry Shampoo brand in years. Basically, I used to use it quite often but in the end I decided I wasn't really a big fan. I obviously didn't know how to use it properly as I was getting big grey/white marks all over my hair (embarrassing) and I felt that the smell was too over-powering after use so I didn't buy it again. This was, until, I read on someone’s blog (I can't remember whose, sorry!) that Batiste are now offering a wider range of Dry Shampoos. The one I bought is for Medium Brown hair so you won't get marks all over your hair (if you use it properly). It also smells really nice.
As for the Dove product I bought... I have been using this for an age now and I absolutely adore it, however shortly after I began using it I discovered I was using the product for dyed hair! My hair is all natural so when I restocked this I went for one more suitable for my hair which I cannot wait to try!
I have tried a couple of these products out already so I thought that I would do reviews on them all at some point. Nonetheless I would love to know what you all think of the products if you have tried them! Lots of love, Dommie x