Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has got to be mine and Ellies favourite time of the year. We start preparing around the end of September! So we are super duper excited that it is here now :) We went to get our nails manicured last Thursday and here is how mine turned out:
I normally would have gone for what Ellie opted for, and Ellie would have gone for what I chose, but we decided to swap it up a little. I think we will make this a yearly event honestly. Last year -as of every other year- I am extremely lucky and receive many beautiful gifts. Here is what I got last year.
Daisy, Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. This set came with a full size lotion, bottle of perfume and a cute mini travel/handbag size perfume. I love this so, so much. I'd say I wear this practically every day! I definitely recommend this if you are looking for something new in the perfume department!
Clogau Welsh Gold is a tradition for the women in my family, so I was so happy when I opened this up last Christmas! I hadn't even put it on my list, I just kept saying to my Mum that I would love a piece of Welsh Gold jewellery which I can wear every day. I am a very lucky girl! And I do wear this every day. The only time I take it off is when I am baking or at the gym/swimming or doing PE. You wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I have received about this beauty :)
YEY! I love Harry Potter, I must have watched all of these DVDs at least 6-7 (more) each this year, and each time they just get better!
Aah, my Kenwood! This also came with several attachments and a smoothie maker and a food processor. I probably use this once a week. Baking is such an obsession of mine - I am still so thankful for this :)
I am still so surprised that I got this sewing machine as well as everything else last year! I love it so much, and I used it over the Christmas period to cover my foam letters for my wall which a friend cut out for me. You can't really see them properly - sorry!
Whenever myself and Ellie write out our Christmas lists (yeah we still write them!) we feel really bad, so we try to keep them as short as possible ...
This year, my list consists of things such as the perfume Dot by Marc Jacobs, a Crepe Machine and some socks! Yet I will be very thankful for everything that I receive, we will just have to wait and see what Santa brings me! This year we are having some friends over for Christmas day - we did the same last year and it was so lovely! So I am really looking forward to it. It will be a day full of turkey, mince pies, charades and lots of fun and happy times! I would love to know how you are spending your Christmas this year! And what you are hoping for! Merry Christmas! Love Dom xx MERYY CHRISTMAS GUYS! I just have to say I'm so sorry that I haven't done any blog posts lately and it's been Dom posting lovely posts, but we've just been so busy with exams and things. Anyway, it's Christmas and as Dom said it's must our favourite time of year by far. With all the beautiful Christmas decorations, being with family and friends, Christmas dinner, giving and receiving presents and all the other great things about Christmas. We've been excited for about 4 months and it's just the best time of year. So in my house we've put up all the decorations which look very pretty (not like Dom’s winter wonderland house :) ) but we love the decorations. Dom and I decided we reallY needed to get our nails done. We went on thursday, so we would have them all lovely for the last day at school before we broke up for Christmas. We love our nails an dthey are just amazing. Also the people at the place we wen to are just lovely :). Here are my nails which are a burgundy colour which really suit Christmas and glittery gold on my ring finger.
Last Christmas (bit of wham! Christmas song) I got a lot of presents, more than I should of. I really got clothes, vouchers, perfumes and loads more, which were just the perfect presents. I also got some lovely earrings for Christmas last year which are so beautiful but I've only worn them once or twice, so i will definitely be wearing them more.
Another present I got last year which was from my mum and dad and it was a gigantic box just full of beauty products which would last me throughout most of the year which was brilliant. I was very spoilt by my all my family and friends and just loved all of my presents. This year we've both tried to keep our lists as small as possible. I just feel so bad because my list is quite long this year. On my list I’ve asked for clothes, DVD’s and a Cath Kidston bag. I will be so thankful and grateful for any presents I receive but most of all I just would love an ace Christmas. This year I’ll be going to see all my wonderful family Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day just relaxing and having fun. Then, I will be visiting some of my family later in the week. I hope you all have a lovely and magical Christmas with family and friends. Also we'd absolutely love to know what you’re all planning for this Christmas and Happy Christmas :) Love from Ellie xxx


  1. Merry Christmas! :D I love Daisy Eau So Fresh, I got it last christmas as well! x

  2. Wow, amazing presents! Marc Jacobs brings out the best fragrances, Oh Lola is currently on my wishlist. I also love the manicure you got done, the sparkly tips are perfect.
    X Jane


  3. Sooooo beautiful nails!! :)

    Merry Christmas, beautiful lady!! <3

  4. Wow you got some great gifts, oh my god I love your Kenwood I so want my own one of them and you got a sewing machine too, you lucky thing you!! Love your nails, I've done some like that before in Nail Art History on my blog. XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk