Saturday, 29 September 2012

I Got Glasses!

When I was little, I really really wanted glasses. And I'm not gonna lie to you, I may have lied a little, pretending that I couldn't read letters that I could, but I think the optician realized that (hehe) as I have had perfect vision up until now. And this time, I didn't lie at all! The optician said I would need them for seeing the board at school and that sort of distant. I opted for a pair of Levi's because I wanted a stylish pair! So here they are...
I know it's a bit of rubbish photo, I will have to get Ellie to take a picture of me with them on soon and post it up! If you can see them, what do you think? Dommie x

Monday, 24 September 2012


I'm not sure whether you read my older post (you can read it HERE) but it did say that I was going to France for a couple of days with my family. So this is a post to show you the couple of things I bought and some family piccies :) Hope you enjoy! This is what I bought:
These sweets are literally the nicest sweets ever, we get the yellow packets in our French lessons at school (mine and Ellies favourite bit!) and the foamy strawberries are just to die for! I also bought 2 really cute bracelets, but I was wearing them and they are so difficult to get off! Hehe. So to start off with I am going to show you the Embroylisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I had never heard of this before I was dragged around, spending most of my days in France in Pharmacies with my sisters, so I thought I might as well make something productive of it! L'amour Josie said that this is supposed to be really good, and you can even use it as a primer as well as a moisturizer and cleanser. My thought was "WOW! All 3 in one and it is only 13.30 euro! Must buy." So I did, and I tried it today and loved it!
I'm not really sure if you can see this picture, but I tried my best :)
It has been chucking it down all day today, and my make up stayed on perfectly :) MY face felt soft and my pause’ were non-existent! I am so pleased with this buy, and will probably use it forever :) Next up is the Avène Eau Thermale which translates to Avène Thermal Water.
I have used this before since my sister introduced me to it on a hot summers day (I know, very rare!) this year, so I bought a mini one from boots. But as it is made in France, it is so much cheaper! Because if I am correct, I think it is just water from French mountains or something which is very refreshing! This bad boy only cost me 6.95euro! I wish I had bought a couple more of the little ones which are easier to carry around with me, but that just gives me an excuse to go back, right?! And my lovely Dad has offered to take me and a couple of friends to Calais soon, so who knows! I completely recommend both of these fantastic products! As I have already mentioned, the first one is just fantastic in every single way, and the second product is just so refreshing and it refreshes your make up too :) I do, however, recommend buying them in France if you get the chance to go as it is so much cheaper and makes you feel OK about buying them as you aren't spending so much money. Plus you get to try everything else out, like I said, I could have spent so much more! Here are a couple of family pictures and pictures of views :)
The pictures are a bit bad because they were taken off my phone, but the first one is a view from the hotel room I stayed in with my parents and younger brother. The older ones stayed in another room. I think the second picture looks quite a lot like the house out of the film of 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events.' Don't you agree?
The pizza and salad were delicious, but unfortunately I didn't like the pudding I got one night :( No worries, though, because the macaroons were lovely! I had never tried them before this, but I knew I wanted to, and I was glad I did :)
Are there any products you like from France, or other countries? Dommie x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Barry M Lipstick

It was one of my sisters who introduced me to this lipstick.
The colour turns to the pink that suits your lip colour best, so it is pretty individual to everyone.
This is what it looks like on me:
The colour lasts pretty much all day, it is very rare that I feel the need to top it up. As I am a huge lover of lipsticks, this is perfect for me! I wear this lipstick so much and I just adore it!
Do you have any lipsticks that you love?! Let me know!
Dommie x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Smashbox Primer

Hey,so I'll be doing a post today about the smashbox primer. All I can say is wow, I adore this primer so much, it's brillant!. I only heard about smashbox just before you were able to buy it in the UK but I can't explain how much I love this primer. I was actually given the product but this is by far the best primer I've tried. So, the primers have been talked about alot and I have the colour correcting primer which evens out skintone and is a greeny colour which reduces redness which is great for my blemishes which I get quite alot. I think if I were to buy the smashbox primer again I would try one of the different primers in the range which would suit my skin differently but this primer is amazing. It makes your skin feel so soft and is a great base for foundation. I would deffinatly recommend this product to you.
Any reccomendations for any new primers I could try out? Or if you tried the primers, i'd love to here what you thought of them? Thanks guys :) Ellie x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OGARIO London Restore And Shine Hair Masque

OMG DISASTER! I was having my usual 6 weeks trim when my hair dresser - who is also a very close family friend, so she actually cuts of the correct amount of hair I ask for, not ten inches! - told me that my hair was looking very dry and wispy D: AAAAHHHH!!! I really don't like the idea of having manky and ratty hair, so I went straight back on to the Head & Shoulders (it works wonders for my hair!) and decided that a more drastic approach was needed this time, to fix my problem quick! This is when I remembered that I had ordered a free sample of OGARIO London Restore and Shine Hair Mask! Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey!
It is just a 15ml sample of the mask which has Sage and Lavender in it.
The description on the letter says:
'Sage plays a starring role, softening the hair and working in perfect harmony with the healing benefits of lavender. The masque contains avocado oil which is loaded with natural fats that are great for the hair and scalp. Vitamins A,D and E help to protect and strengthen hair, restoring health and shine.'
The instructions are what I assume with most hair masques, to wash your hair normally, apply the masque for ten minutes or if in real need of tlc - like me - use it for 20-30 minutes and wash off with water.
The smell which comes off this product is just divine, and it really did make a HUGE improvement to my hair :) I get can 2 uses out of this and plan on using it again the next time I was my hair.
I would definitely recommend trying this out if you are in the market for a new hair masque, I think I will be buying the full tub of this very soon :)
Dommie x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

1 Month Nail Polishes!

Yesterday, it was 1 month since I bought a nail polish! Yeeeyyyy! I knew as soon as the month was over I was going to go to town and buy some nail polishes. I did, however, have to restrain myself from buying more! I definitely needed a base and top coat, so I got the Barry M All In One Nail Paint as always! I had also seen this one particular nail polish on quite a few blogs, and it isn't really the sort of colour I would opt for, but I fell in love with it. This colour is:
If you can't read that, it says "Headkandi Beach Party." The colour is so beautiful and vibrant - it definitely adds the touch of attraction to an outfit. The other colour I bought is:
Barry M Coral. Coral has got to be one of my favourite colours, for all seasons! So this is perfecto. Barry M was on buy 2 get £1 off, and Models Own was buy any 2 cosmetics and get a free nail art pen. My friend was trying to persuade me to get 2 Models Own ones, but then it would have been £10 plus the Barry M nail paint, and I would be starting to go a little wild on nail polishes again! So I got the Barry M offer instead. I will probably end up buying some more Models Own ones soon because I am in love with the colours. I have wanted to show this since I got it really.
Basically, it had been 5 days since I had bought a nail polish, so my amazing friend decided to make me a giant bag which is like the sort of chip people who are addicted to something get when they haven't done/had their addiction in 6 months or something. Can I just mention that it isn't meant to sound like my friend and I are taking the mickey out of people with addictions.
Yesterday, my lovely sister L'Amour Josie also went into town, and she bought me this collar necklace:
which was so kind of her as she knows I love the one I already have. You can read a post about it HERE. What do you think about my new nail polishes, and collar necklaces? I am going to France today on a family holiday (unfortunately my older brother can't come :( ) so Ellie will have full responsibility of our blog, and I will reply to you A.S.A.P! Have a lovely week. Dommie x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Keds are pretty new to me, I hadn't heard of them before watching a back to school video which said to pair these with some comfy jeans and a cute top. The video was American, but it was still worth a watch! I am normally a Superga girl when it comes to pumpy style shoes, but these are just so beautiful!
The floral pattern does it for me to be honest - and the fact that the comfort that comes from these bad boys is beyone belief! They cost me £19.99 on the Schuh website in their sale, with free delivery! I was going to pay full price on the actual Keds UK website, but the delivery was £6.99 so I see it as fait that they were on the Schuh website, hehe!
They came with another pair of laces too, which is brill because now I can pair them with the lace colour which suits my outfit best :)
Here are a few more piccies of them:
What do you think of them? Love them as much as I do? Let me know!
Dommie x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Liz Earle - God Send!

WARNING: This Will Be an Extremely Picture Heavy Post! Liz Earle is an amazing skin care range, which has recently launched a make up collection. I have been informed that Liz Earle was developed by the title lady herself as she was in need of some completely natural skin care to help solve some of her skin issues and to make it beautiful. The finishing brand is superb, and there is not one thing that I have tried, and I don't recommend! Last Wednesday (5th) one of my sisters held a Liz Earle Party. My other sister has already held one just before the summer holidays, so that was when I got the chance to try out all of the products, and it gave me enough time to actually consider which items I wanted to purchase. After a long and hard thought about what it is I was going to purchase, I decided to go for the world famous Cleanse & Polish.
This product has won over 80 awards for its brilliance
and I am not surprised why! Espeically as it has this brilliant pump to ensure that you will get enough of the cleanser out - but not too much - and that it lasts you for ages!
I absolutely adore make up, skin care and beauty etc, yanoo, the whole shindig, but I never realized how it important it actually is to Cleanse! It got to the point where I was taking my make up off with water and a bit of eye make up remover for my eyes. This is when my sister explained about cleansing, and its importance (she is a bit skin care mad too!) that I decided to take a look into it at her Liz Earle party. Now, I am converted! I use it daily and it leaved my skin looking and feeling beautiful :) Happy Dommie! So, as you can tell, I am loving this Liz Earle scene! And to add to it all, the packaging it came in was beautiful!
It also came with a free 50ml sample of the Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion, which is phenomenal and I completely recommend.
However, I am not sure if orders on the website come with a free gift, but all orders at one of their parties do :)
My order also came with 4 free samples of their Sheer Skin Tint.
The lovely lady who came from the Liz Earle team to this party did a make over on one of my sisters, and it looked lovely! Plus, it was first time, right time when it came to the choice of the shade :) What was really interesting about this Sheer Skin Tint was that my sister usually opts for the matt finish, but this time, she opted for the Skeer Skin Tint finish, with a little blusher, rather than the Sheer Skin Tint with the powder matt finish as she loved it so much. It was really exciting to see the entire make up as a lot of it is really new in comparison to the other products.
Liz Earle have recently launched some more lovely make up to add to their collection. HERE is a link to the website. So if this wasn't flabbergasted enough! I was sent this month’s beauty insider with my order and in this was a free sample of their Signature Foundations - I am so excited to try this out :)
I am very pleased with my order, and love to use it to freshen my face up in the morning, and to remove my make up with :) Here are a couple of piccies that L'Amour Josie very kindly took for me at the party, to show you all :)
The parties are really fun and such a great way to socialize with family and friends, and just have a laugh really, where everyone is in a comfortable and friendly environment. Plus, everything smells divine! I, personally, thought that every single one of the products smelt amazing, however some weren't to others tastes, but everyone liked the smell of at least 3 of the products :) I definitely recommend hosting your own party, I am at the beginning of November, and I cannot wait to introduce the brand and all of the products to my friends - have you ever hosted one, or another make up/beauty brand party, or been to one? Let me know. Dommie x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Rimmel Nail Polishes

Today I thought i'd do a blog post on the Rimmel London nail polishes; which I love. I'm not really into nail polishes; well not as much as Dom but I thought i'd blog to you about two types of the Rimmel London nail polishes I have. I like these polishes as everyday polishes and the colours in polishes are brillant; but it means I cant decide on colours. My family and friends know how much I like these nail polishes and i've had some of them for presents and things which is so lovely. So the two types of Rimmel polishes I have are the Rimmel 60 seconds polish. I also have the Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish polishes and here they are.
In the 60 secons polishes; I have Ethereal, Rose Libertine and Sky High. These polishes dry quickly which is what says on the bottle but they do. I think in most shops they are £3.69
In the I Love Lasting Finish polishes I have Pop!, Purple Pulse, Disco Ball and Misty Jade and again I think these polishes cost £2.99 in most shops.
I so recommend these polishes and would love to hear what you think of the nail polishes? Thanks guys :) Ellie x By the way don't you just love Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen; good time. I just can't stop listening to it :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rita Ora - Ora: Album Review

Rita Ora is so 'Hot Right Now!' Haha - you see what I did there? A bit cheesy, but it had to be done! Anyways, pretty much everyone knows who she is whether they like her music or not. Personally, I love her music and was so excited for her debut album 'Ora'. Her album was released on 27th August (if I am remembering correctly) and I haven't stopped listening to it since!
My favourite songs on the album have to be Party And BS (How We Do), Meet Ya, R.I.P and Uneasy. I think that there is a little bit for everyone on this album so I definitely recommend have a listen!
Are you a fan? And have you listened to her album? If so, let me know what you think!
Dommie x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

e.l.f Brushes

Hey guys :), so this week we've gone back to school; not great but it was so lovely to see everyone. Dom did a post on our back to school things; which is below this post so take a look. Probably the worst thing for me was having our year 11 photos taken because I really don't like having photos taken but i'm hoping Dom will make some of her amazing cakes to cheer everyone up at school. Has anyone just gone back to school or just had there school photos taken? Anyway i'll carry on with my post today, i'm going to be doing a post today on some elf make up brushes I bought while I was in southport with family and friends. I've been really wanting to try some elf products and I told Dom and i've been waiting to try some products. So when I saw the brushes I just thought i'll try them and see what they are like. I'd read some reviews on the brushes and some of them were brillant. I really like some of the brushes but a couple i'm not too keen on. I got the 10 piece brush set which was at an ace price of £7.99. In the set I got a powder and foundation brush which I will be blogging to you about and it also has a brow comb and brush, an eyelash and eyebrow wand, a blush, an eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow, lip defining brush and a smudge eye sponge but i'm going to be honest I haven't tried all the brushes yet but I will. This may sound really strange to say about a make up brush but i really love the handle on theese brushes and if your not so good at applying your foundation, concelaer or any makeup your wearing (like me) it even has the type of brush on the side of the handle which is handy. So i'll start with the flawless face brush which is great. This is my favourite brush in the pack from the one i've tried so far. I don't really like using alot of powder on the top of my foundation but I like using this brush to apply my powder and it gives an even amount of powder applied.
Next, is the foundation brush which isn't as good as the other brushes but is still ok. I think it applys foundation at first really well but I always find i've got to blend the rest of the foundation in but still the brush is great for it's price. I think the texture of the foundation brush is so nice which is a plus but it doesn't help to blend foudation too well.
By the way sorry if you can't see the brushes very well, just tell me for next time. If you guys have tried the brushes; it would be lovely to hear what you thought? Or tell me what your favourite brushes are?, Thankyou :) Ellie x