Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back To School!

Today, Ellie and I returned back to school for the first day after the six weeks holidays! We are now in our final year (well of high school anyway!) and plan to make the most of it :) So really, this is just a post to show you all of our new school supplies.
To start of with, these are our new school bags, my bag has already featured in a post which you can read HERE if you wish to, but you are yet to see Ellies!
Ellies’ is the green Mari Tote on the left. She purchased this beauty from Accessorize for £38, HERE is the link for it on the website. She is absolutely in love with this bag, in the words of Ellie herself it is 'the most beautiful thing I have ever owned!' However, I do have a confession to make! I did try to persuade Ellie not to buy the bag as she had only just got a new bag last year which she had used for just a couple of months, but I am so glad that for once she ignored me and did what she wanted :)
Next up is the school shoes!
Finding shoes for me can be such a difficult task sometimes! I did buy a pair of Brogues from Clarks for £55, but they are the nasty pasties that gave me awful blisters on my shopping trip to Nottingham at the beginning of the summer holidays which you can read HERE. Luckily, we did get to return them and I bought the ones on the left from Dorothy Perkins for just £18. Here is a closer look:
I saw them online and thought that there was no point in trying them on as they wouldn't suit me, but when I went in to the store I just couldn't resist. I am very glad that I didn't resist hehe!
Ellies’ are from F&F, here is a closer look:
They are so cute, right?! And they suit her so much!
Ellie also likes to take a cute little make up bag in which she keeps some moisturizer, spray and lip balm. She does add her make up which she uses on that specific day to the bag too :)
Finally, we have pencil cases. Ellies’ is the polka dot one on the left and mine is the floral on the right.
So there are all of our school supplies! Tomorrow we have our school photos D: I am trying to decide on how to have my hair, so if you have any ideas, please let me know! Hehe!
Dommie x


  1. Cute back to school things, love having a new pencil case! :) Hehe. xo

  2. Those F&F shoes have such a pretty lining, shame it's not seen!


    1. thankyou, i know i love them and they are super comfy :) x

  3. Those flats are so nice, you can create lovely looks.

  4. Love your guys' bags. When I was in high school I didn't have the typical backpack either.



    1. Thankyou :), backpacks are ace but it's nice we've both got different bags this year, following now x

  5. Great post.. Maybe you should try a side fishtail braid for a school hairstyle? :)



    1. Thanks :) Yeah, I love fishtail braids! Thank you very much for suggesting! x