Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Keds are pretty new to me, I hadn't heard of them before watching a back to school video which said to pair these with some comfy jeans and a cute top. The video was American, but it was still worth a watch! I am normally a Superga girl when it comes to pumpy style shoes, but these are just so beautiful!
The floral pattern does it for me to be honest - and the fact that the comfort that comes from these bad boys is beyone belief! They cost me £19.99 on the Schuh website in their sale, with free delivery! I was going to pay full price on the actual Keds UK website, but the delivery was £6.99 so I see it as fait that they were on the Schuh website, hehe!
They came with another pair of laces too, which is brill because now I can pair them with the lace colour which suits my outfit best :)
Here are a few more piccies of them:
What do you think of them? Love them as much as I do? Let me know!
Dommie x


  1. Aw, they're really pretty! Good that you managed to find them on the Schuh website and save the packaging costs too! :) xo

  2. Those Keds are adorable! I love Keds... but weirdly, I'm allergic to them!!! :( xx

    1. Wow, that's a strange allergy :/ I wonder what it is that you're allergic to in the shoes x

  3. They're lovely! A real eye catcher for an outfit :)


    1. I thought that too, I needed some more colour in my wardrobe :) x

  4. oh they are so, so cute!!! i def. need one too :)


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  5. sooo cute !
    your blog is nice!!! I LIKE IT!
    Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :)) Greetings from germany

  6. I loooove them!! *.* There are definitely too many pretty things in the world - unfortunately my purse think so, too. :D

    I haven't heard of Kets yet either but I will check it out now! :)


  7. Amazing post!!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?!! :)