Monday, 10 September 2012

Rimmel Nail Polishes

Today I thought i'd do a blog post on the Rimmel London nail polishes; which I love. I'm not really into nail polishes; well not as much as Dom but I thought i'd blog to you about two types of the Rimmel London nail polishes I have. I like these polishes as everyday polishes and the colours in polishes are brillant; but it means I cant decide on colours. My family and friends know how much I like these nail polishes and i've had some of them for presents and things which is so lovely. So the two types of Rimmel polishes I have are the Rimmel 60 seconds polish. I also have the Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish polishes and here they are.
In the 60 secons polishes; I have Ethereal, Rose Libertine and Sky High. These polishes dry quickly which is what says on the bottle but they do. I think in most shops they are £3.69
In the I Love Lasting Finish polishes I have Pop!, Purple Pulse, Disco Ball and Misty Jade and again I think these polishes cost £2.99 in most shops.
I so recommend these polishes and would love to hear what you think of the nail polishes? Thanks guys :) Ellie x By the way don't you just love Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen; good time. I just can't stop listening to it :)


  1. Rose Libertine looks like a really pretty colour :)! xx

  2. yeah it is :), it looks so pretty on x

  3. Rimmel Nail Polishes are amazing with amazing colours! I have many of them! I also like the fact they have many options if you're looking for a red one. I have like 4 different reds from the same series!

    I also have rose libertine, it's such a beautiful colour!!


  4. Yah me too, it's just so difficult to choose which colour to get because theres always one you haven't got! :), It is a lovely polish x