Sunday, 24 February 2013

C'est la vie en France

How I long for days filled with baking croissants and baguettes in my very own boulangerie and taking casual strolls around the supermarkets, pharmacies, enormous H&M stores and Sephora’s whenever I want, but for now, taking a day out here and there to visit France with my family and my three closests friends, are good enough for me.

Last Tuesday, a long awaited trip to Calais finally arrived. The day started with a not-so-gentle or considerate wake up call to Ellie, Sash and Soph from me, and it carried on to consist of travelling, eating and shopping. The weather was gorgeous, only we didn’t have enough time to fit in a casual promenade along the streets of Calais, but do not fear, we already have our next trip planned, and this time, we’re going all out ... we’re going to stay overnight :)

Of course I bought various items from Sephora, Pharmacies and H&M. I’m not going to go into detail about the products today; I plan on reviewing these goodies very soon :

I really want to venture into the exciting statement of more coral/orange toned lips, so I thought this was perfect!

I was going to purchase the Boots Botanics similar version of this, but I heard not so great reviews, so as soon as I spotted this in the first of many Sephora's entered, I automatically threw this into my basket.

I wanted this in the UK, and it is available here, but a lot cheaper in France. Most things are really.

Of course! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't pick some of this up?!

These were in a pack of 3 for 7.95, I think. It would have been criminal for me to have just left them there.

These were only 1 euro each, and I want to try more face masks, so I thought these would be perfect to start me off :)

Ah, I love H&M so much, and the one in Cite Europe is just phenominal. I needed something to carry my euros and card in, to save me keep getting messed up with English money. Plus the colour on this is so luxurious! I really do love burguny. This was 3.95.

I love the gold on burgundy.

A lovely sample from Sephora.

Pretty generous size I'd say. Also, it has a spray cap. It is so annoying when samples have a pouring cap.

So there are all of my lovely buys. Of course, I regret not buying more! For example, whilst lusting over everything in Yves Rocher, I found a gorgeous foundation - half price! - but for some reason, I didn't buy it. Ellie did the same. I think it was because we both have a list as long as us of foundations we want to try. However, our friends, Soph&Sash, did buy an Yves Rocher foundation which they love.

France was such a lovely trip. For me, one of the best things about going to different places, is the travelling. We had such a good road trip, and the whole visit was absolutely fantastic.
Do you own any of these products? Or can you suggest some decent buys for my next trip?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Birthday Post

Hiya everyone :) How are you all this week?

So, on Wednesday, as Dom and I said, I turned 16! I had such a lovely, fantastic day :) I was at school which wasn't bad at all because I saw or called all of my family, and I got to see all of my friends at school. I was woken up by my mum, dad and dog.  The beautiful singing from my family made my day :) & for Dom texting me at 12:00 in the morning! I was spoilt with all my presents and was so grateful for them all. Also I said to my mum if it's ok I would love a badge for the day & she bought me one which I wore all day. I just love a badge.

Being at school, I was very spoilt with all the presents from my friends, and I adore all the lovely presents. On my birthday I went out for dinner at night to a little country place, which makes the best homemade chips ever! They are delicious (introducing the Italian accent :) ). Then Earlier today Dom and I popped into town before we both and two of my other closest friends went out for a meal. The week has been so lovely and has been made very special by all my family and friends

Like Dominique, I was very very spoilt! I was give loads of fantastic and gorgeous presents. Here are the presents I was kindly given

As you can tell, I received some lovely presents, and I was also given others such as vouchers, DVDs, and things for my room such as a rug which is so soft! I have been well and truly spoilt.

Dom will tell you that my family love to send each other lot's of cards especially my Auntie. Ooo and a handmade card by one of my Nana's at craft which was so sweet .

This week we are also super busy again, and we are going to... FRANCE! Yay! Dom and her family have kindly organised for us to go and I can't wait. So we will be definitely bedoing a post on that :)

love Ellie

Thursday, 14 February 2013

DIY Valentines Day

                                                               Happy Valentines Day!
Myself and Ellie both love valentines day; we were each others valentines, and actually had a really good day. We were only at school, but I'm not sure what it was - maybe the love in the air? - but for some reason, we really enjoyed the day! Which is good! That's what we wanted at the beginning of the year.

I know that many people think that today is just a day built around the fortune that card shops will be making, but I think any chance to spread some love (cheesy, I know) has to be celebrated. Even if you don't have a significant other, I think that it's just a fun day to either spend with your family/friends, or just an excuse to be really happy!

To celebrate valentines day, I decorated the house a tiny bit :)
Heart Shaped Balloons - Asda

Fairy lights - Asda
When valentines day is over, and my room is completely finished (it is being decorated, and the final touches are being added right now!) these fairy lights will be going in there. I really like them, they add a nice romantic glow, and they look beautiful!
When I might have got a tiny bit OTT on valentines day whilst shopping at Asda (yes, I did buy heart shaped napkins) I also bought a red, 3 tier candle. I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it - you know when you get that feeling that make you seriously know when something is worth the £? - and as it was only £3, I couldn't stop myself!
However, as it was only red, it didn't really go too well with my room, so I decided to do a bit of DIY :)
 To create this you will need:
-A candle
-Some lace
-A glue gun
- Some scissors

In all fairness, you could probably try using pins of the same colour of the material of your choice if you haven't got a glue gun.
To begin with, you need to measure the length of each of the tiers of the candle, with the lace, so you know how much you will need.
When you are sure you have enough, cut the lace for the bottom layer. (Really, you could begin at any layer, it's just the one I started with).
You then need to glue down the lace in various areas, with the glue gun.
Stick the lace on, and continue to do this for each layer, until you have the desired look :)
Both the glue gun, and the lace was from The Range. Ellie very kindly bought me the lace for my birthday :) The scissors which I used are Cath Kidston.
I love this candle so much, and cannot wait to place is in the perfect position to look gorgeous! However, I won't be burning this.
Tonight I will be watching the film Valentines Day, and unfortunately doing Maths revision for my test tomorrow. I imagine that all weekend I will be watching valentines/love-based films! I would love to know how you've spent your valentines day, or if you celebrate it.
-Love Dom

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

16 is right around the corner

Hiya everyone :) How are you all? What have you been up to this last week?

So as you all know, it was Dom's birthday last weekend, and it was ace! I can't thank her enough for the wonderful memory of the sleepover suite! I mean, it's just a little (15-16) girls dream. Although, she likes to remind me that she is 10 days older than me.

As Dom said, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I just thought I'd share with you, the plans I have, and see what you did or are planning to do for your 16th. Everyone always says 'ooo I wonder what you'll be doing for your 16th birthday,' and it's just come around so quickly (I know it sounds strange but it really has). I especially hear it from my lovely family, and a line which is loved in my family is..."I remember when you were this height and look at you now". I've always thought when it's been said really I don't feel any different, but I think this year as it's 16, it's slowly becoming more true!

My room has been decorated for my birthday YAY! And I'm so grateful to my mum and dad because I really adore it. It just looks so pretty :)!

Every year, for me, is just being with my family and friends, and I think for everyone, that just makes your day. Although I remember the days saying if you liked fish fingers or not at your friends Mcdonalds party, was the highlight of your life! Also my mum getting me the caterpillar cake that I kept begging her for...

We'd love to hear about if any of you have had your birthday recently and how you spent your 16th? Also I just thought I'd show you guys my beautiful dressing table as I just love it so much :)

I completely forgot Happy Pancake Day guys :) We'd really like to see what you did for pancake day?

Love Ellie xx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

An Extremely Picture Heavy Birthday Post

If you read an earlier post, you may know that last Sunday, I turned 16. You may also know that the way that I was going to celebrate my birthday was a surprise for me. My friends were very secretive all week prier to the celebration, and managed to keep it locked even when making arrangements for myself and the weekend, which included them having to walk 10 paces behind me so they could jump in my car shouting “surprise,” and ordering me a cake!

I finally discovered that the surprise was an overnight stay at the Alton Towers Hotel, in the extremely pink and girly Sleepover Suite! My friends and I had an absolutely fantastic time! Filled with balloons, an all-you-can-eat buffet (although we were pretty upset they didn’t offer chicken nuggets – I know!) a film that we thought we had to pay for, but we didn’t really, so it turns out that we could have watched another film, and music every time we walked into the suite and bathroom! Ooh, and a PINK SMEG FRIDGE full of goodies! The following day, we went into the Alton Towers park to go to the Sea Life centre :)
I seem to have a strange love for pretty, detailed benches.
As for my younger(ish) brother, he spent the Saturday going to Sherwood Forest to play (I think that’s what you do?!) archery, and the evening with a poker night. However, my friends and I obviously weren’t cool enough for Dylan and his cluster of friends, therefore we were banished from the conservatory (where they were playing).

On the actually birthday, my family, myself and Ellie all went out to a local Chinese Restaurant – Dylan’s choice. It was so lovely to spend some quality time together, and I hope Ellie had a good time. After all, L’amour Josie kept on stuffing won ton down her throat! (Not literally)

How adoreable are these two cards that one of my sisters bought for myself and my brother?!

Paperchase cards
We also received some other lovely cards :)

I was incredibly spoilt, and received so many lovely gifts! I am just going to show you pictures of what I got, and do reviews shortly! So expect a lot of reviews!
Sorry about all of the images, it's just, when I get my hands on a decent camera, I'm off! There's more to come. These are the Polaroids which were taken last weekend.
Next Wednesday it is Ellie's birthday, which we are both super excited about. I'm sure she will be doing a post about her birthday soon :)
-Dom ♥