Saturday, 2 February 2013

Latest Boots Buys & A New Addition

Boots is basically a catalyst for me, I pick up one thing and I'm off! Walking into the shop I feel refreshed and pretty excited with anticipation of my next buy. I always end up buying the items on my list, and more. Who doesn't?! Personally, I think it's abnormal when a person can actually go into a Boots store, regardless of its size, and fail to buy anything. It started last Friday when L'amour Josie decided she wanted to take a rather spontaneous trip to Hobbycraft (yes, I am singing the word in a high pitch voice right now, aren't you?) in Tamworth. As fabulous as Hobbycraft is, the retail park we went to also had a fantastically large BOOTS! Yeeeeeyyyy! As I strolled in with the kind of confidence you see on those cheesy adverts where the middle-aged women are walking in their stripy boyfriend cardis and comfy/stylish boots (you know what I mean?) the first isle I found myself in was the hairbrush/comb/styles isle! I have recently decided that it was a must for me to invest in a wide-tooth shower comb, but I do use it out of the shower too! You probably already know this, but brushing your hair is pretty bad for it if you don't take care, and as my hairbrush is awful, I also picked up a new hairbrush I wanted for my upcoming birthday for my Mum to give to me :) (I will probably feature it in a post soon!) So this is just a plain old boots own comb, but it still works really well, and I have noticed how much better it is for my hair. I was getting my hair trimmed last Saturday so Ellie and I gave my hair a quick sink-wash and I used this to comb it for the first time whilst it was wet, and it made it really smooth and soft :)
As well as this comb, which was around the £1-£2 area, I also bought a Balmi!
Yey! This beauty was only £4.99 and I am super-duper pleased that I FINALLY gave in and bought one. It is ridiculously moisturizing, you don't have to apply a lot of it for it to go on all area of the lips as it spreads so easily, and it smells DELICIOUS! I ended up with the Coconut sent because I just couldn't decide whether to buy the Strawberry or Raspberry flavour (L'amour Josie had already decided that I was not buying the Mint one as she doesn't like the smell of mint), so I thought, you know what? Just go out there and purchase the Coconut one. Plus, the smell reminds me of the surf shops in St.Ives that I love. However, knowing me, I will probably have all four of the flavours this time next month!
My final buy of this visit was, of course, some more hand sanitizer!
The following Saturday, Ellie and I took a trip to Westfield in Derby with my Mum and (not-so) younger brother. In this boots I needed to make a couple of re-purchases and a new one!
The dry shampoo and hot oils were the re-purchases and the Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Repair Mask was the new purchase :) I haven't used the Dove Hair Mask yet, however, I can tell you that it is currently on offer for on £2.99 - it is usually £3.99, so it wasn't even that pricey originally - and it smells lovely. As for the Batiste Dry Shampoo - Medium & Brunette, I have used this before, therefore, I can give you a little review of the product :)
This colour tone of the dry shampoo is perfect for my hair because, as I mention in an earlier post which you can read HERE, I have fairly dark hair so I cannot use the original option. I find that this go on my hair very well. It doesn't show up and works amazingly. The smell is gorgeous too, I have found that some of the other scents are a little too over-powering for my liking. I have been able to leave my hair for much longer without washing it when I use this. It also adds loads of volume to my hair, so it is perfect for styling with when you've got a few days old hair! As for the VO5 Hot Oils (I can't find a link for them, sorry! But as you may have gathered from this post, they are available in Boots stores), I just can't imagine my life without them!
I use this beauty once a week- as recommended- every Sunday. Vo5 Hot Oils leave my hair feeling soft, renewed, and add shine. Its remedy is filled with beautiful things which work miracles on hair. I would recommend buying the bottle version as it is the same price as an option of buying a pack of four individual tubes, but you get more use out of this bottle. I love what this treatment does to my hair, and it smells nice! As for the Dove Hair Mask I used it earlier this week and it left my hair very shiny and feeling soft. I didn't need to concentrate on my ends as much as I will be needing to in a couple of weeks time, but after seeing the results of the hair mask this time, I imagine it will work miraculously for my hair when it needs touching up a bit. I also found that with this mask, my hair felt stronger and capable of dealing with heat! I definitely recommend trying this product. It does say that it is for damaged hair, but my hair isn't dyed, and I often leave it natural, meaning that is isn't in an awfully damaged state, yet it still gave a little life and care to my locks. The 'A New Addition' part of the title is just to show you that I now have a new ring!
In an earlier post (which you can read HERE) I showed you images of my beloved ring. Unfortunately, and rather traumatising for me, I entered this year ring less (sob, sob :( ). The Friday before New Year, I was out and about taking care of my Grandparents and helping out here and there, and somehow I managed to lose my ring :'( Honestly, I have never cried over something materialistic before! This ring meant so much to me, and my whole family searched for days to find the ring. Sadly, it's completely lost, and I imagine that I will never see it again. My Grandparents are amazingly, fantastically lovely, and bought me a new one the same day I lost my old one. It only got here last Thursday, due to postage etc. I do love this ring, and I am ridiculously thankful to have such amazing Grandparents who bought me this new ring, and family for looking for my old one. Yet I will always miss my old ring; it was my first piece of sentimental jewellery. I hope that I will NOT lose this ring! I am going to make an investment; apparently you can buy little plastic grips so your rings never fall off your fingers, how amazing?! Please let me know if you know where to buy them, though!
This ring is the latest version of my old ring, and for my 15th birthday, I received some earrings as a gift from my parents, and they match this ring.
-Love Dom ♥


  1. i really want the balmi it sounds so nice! also its such a shame you lost your ring that one is so gorgeous!:)

  2. I want a balmicheck out my cath kidston giveaway

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  4. I am definitely getting one of those balmi lip balms, I've wanted the mint one for ages now, I have a thing for mint lip balms. That's so sad about your ring, it doesn't matter if it's materialistic, it meant something to you, but very sweet of them to buy you a new one. :)

  5. Great buys, really want to try the balimi!


  6. That's so lovely you got a replacement ring! xxx

  7. Hey Dommie!
    I love your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :) The details are on my blog!

    Alannah xx

  8. The coconut lip balm looks similar to an EOS lip balm! Is it all natural? :)