Thursday, 14 February 2013

DIY Valentines Day

                                                               Happy Valentines Day!
Myself and Ellie both love valentines day; we were each others valentines, and actually had a really good day. We were only at school, but I'm not sure what it was - maybe the love in the air? - but for some reason, we really enjoyed the day! Which is good! That's what we wanted at the beginning of the year.

I know that many people think that today is just a day built around the fortune that card shops will be making, but I think any chance to spread some love (cheesy, I know) has to be celebrated. Even if you don't have a significant other, I think that it's just a fun day to either spend with your family/friends, or just an excuse to be really happy!

To celebrate valentines day, I decorated the house a tiny bit :)
Heart Shaped Balloons - Asda

Fairy lights - Asda
When valentines day is over, and my room is completely finished (it is being decorated, and the final touches are being added right now!) these fairy lights will be going in there. I really like them, they add a nice romantic glow, and they look beautiful!
When I might have got a tiny bit OTT on valentines day whilst shopping at Asda (yes, I did buy heart shaped napkins) I also bought a red, 3 tier candle. I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it - you know when you get that feeling that make you seriously know when something is worth the £? - and as it was only £3, I couldn't stop myself!
However, as it was only red, it didn't really go too well with my room, so I decided to do a bit of DIY :)
 To create this you will need:
-A candle
-Some lace
-A glue gun
- Some scissors

In all fairness, you could probably try using pins of the same colour of the material of your choice if you haven't got a glue gun.
To begin with, you need to measure the length of each of the tiers of the candle, with the lace, so you know how much you will need.
When you are sure you have enough, cut the lace for the bottom layer. (Really, you could begin at any layer, it's just the one I started with).
You then need to glue down the lace in various areas, with the glue gun.
Stick the lace on, and continue to do this for each layer, until you have the desired look :)
Both the glue gun, and the lace was from The Range. Ellie very kindly bought me the lace for my birthday :) The scissors which I used are Cath Kidston.
I love this candle so much, and cannot wait to place is in the perfect position to look gorgeous! However, I won't be burning this.
Tonight I will be watching the film Valentines Day, and unfortunately doing Maths revision for my test tomorrow. I imagine that all weekend I will be watching valentines/love-based films! I would love to know how you've spent your valentines day, or if you celebrate it.
-Love Dom


  1. Seems like a great time! Great pics :)
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  2. This is so cute I love candles!

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  5. This is so pretty,you have put a lot of work into this!
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  9. I love those balloons! Great post :) x

  10. Aww that is so cute! I'm afraid I'm one of those bitter people that doesn't appreciate Valentine's Day in any way, shape or form but your outlook on it is cute. :)

  11. It looks really pretty! Seems like u had fun! X

  12. Loving all of these Valentine's wonders. Too cute!
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