Sunday, 24 February 2013

C'est la vie en France

How I long for days filled with baking croissants and baguettes in my very own boulangerie and taking casual strolls around the supermarkets, pharmacies, enormous H&M stores and Sephora’s whenever I want, but for now, taking a day out here and there to visit France with my family and my three closests friends, are good enough for me.

Last Tuesday, a long awaited trip to Calais finally arrived. The day started with a not-so-gentle or considerate wake up call to Ellie, Sash and Soph from me, and it carried on to consist of travelling, eating and shopping. The weather was gorgeous, only we didn’t have enough time to fit in a casual promenade along the streets of Calais, but do not fear, we already have our next trip planned, and this time, we’re going all out ... we’re going to stay overnight :)

Of course I bought various items from Sephora, Pharmacies and H&M. I’m not going to go into detail about the products today; I plan on reviewing these goodies very soon :

I really want to venture into the exciting statement of more coral/orange toned lips, so I thought this was perfect!

I was going to purchase the Boots Botanics similar version of this, but I heard not so great reviews, so as soon as I spotted this in the first of many Sephora's entered, I automatically threw this into my basket.

I wanted this in the UK, and it is available here, but a lot cheaper in France. Most things are really.

Of course! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't pick some of this up?!

These were in a pack of 3 for 7.95, I think. It would have been criminal for me to have just left them there.

These were only 1 euro each, and I want to try more face masks, so I thought these would be perfect to start me off :)

Ah, I love H&M so much, and the one in Cite Europe is just phenominal. I needed something to carry my euros and card in, to save me keep getting messed up with English money. Plus the colour on this is so luxurious! I really do love burguny. This was 3.95.

I love the gold on burgundy.

A lovely sample from Sephora.

Pretty generous size I'd say. Also, it has a spray cap. It is so annoying when samples have a pouring cap.

So there are all of my lovely buys. Of course, I regret not buying more! For example, whilst lusting over everything in Yves Rocher, I found a gorgeous foundation - half price! - but for some reason, I didn't buy it. Ellie did the same. I think it was because we both have a list as long as us of foundations we want to try. However, our friends, Soph&Sash, did buy an Yves Rocher foundation which they love.

France was such a lovely trip. For me, one of the best things about going to different places, is the travelling. We had such a good road trip, and the whole visit was absolutely fantastic.
Do you own any of these products? Or can you suggest some decent buys for my next trip?


  1. you got some lovely buys! I've heard nothing but great things about Bioderma - looking forward to your review!

    Alannah x

  2. Ooh you got some really lovely things! I really love French skin care products! <3

    Jennie xo |

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  6. You've done soooo well! What an impressive haul!


  7. like like . so many goodies you buy it :) I have it some of this , and I have to tell you , are very good :P


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  9. This is such a great post dear! :) Love all your things especially the Bioderma! I love it so much! <33


  10. This is a great haul! I went to Calais several years ago, but unfortunately it was before I was a full-fledged beauty junkie, so I didn't know better.

  11. Nice purchases, enjoy them! I just doscovered your blog! If you want you can visit mine and follow each other! Just let me know!!

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  13. Amazing post I have been hearing so much positive reviews about the Bioderma range so really want to try it out :) xx

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  14. Wowie ! Amazing product you got there. What a lovely post as well :) Great review.