Thursday, 31 January 2013

I love Soap And Glory

Hey guys :) how are you all? hows the last week of snow been (if you've got any) :)? So last week was super busy! Our school was open on monday and Dom and I like the troopers we are went into school. Although I did feel like bambi most of the day. Do you love the snow as much as we do? As you can see we both found our inner five year old selfs; a couple of weekends ago and dom did a lovely post on all the fun we had. We finally went to see gangster squad this week aswell and all I can say is it was brilliant (plus it contained the beautiful Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) and as Dom did a post she absolutely agreed! Apart from the mismatched cinema screens. I cant really explain the love Dom has for the man himself Ryan Gosling, although I think he's lovely too ( but i'm more of a Andrew Garfield kinda girl). Also yesterday Dom's mum kindly took me to Derby with Dom and again we just bought a few bits and bobs. We ended up buying a few essentials from boots (as you do) and nipping into New Look and H&M quickly. I'm sure she will do a post on the things she bought and as it's her birthday very soon! Oooops did that slip in there... Yes it's dom's birthday next sunday and I know how excited she is! So as she's told you; Dom is turning 16 in about 3 days! I hope it's the best birthday to date for her! I thought i'd just do a quick post on my ever ongoing love for Soap And Glory! For Chirstmas my mum and dad kindly bought me a big bag full of Soap And Glory products which is the set from boots as they know how much i love their products! Here are some of the products that were inside it>
There was loads in it and the products are just so good. In the package it contains the peaches clean which is a lovely cleanser, smoothie star the body milk and clean on me (shower lotion). Also in the package was the hand food which I adore and the peppermint foot lotion.
It also contained the brown sugar and lime body scrub and the gorgeous smelling body cream. To top it all of in the Soap And Glory box there was the motherpucker lip gloss and thick & fast mascara which I don't really use but is still a bonus!
Also the packaging for their products is just amazing with the little slogans and things just make them! What do you guys think of Soap And Glory? and We'd love to know what you've been up to this week? Love Ellie xx


  1. I have this too, love it! The sugar crush srub's my fave :)

  2. I adore soap&glory too, I got this best of all set for christmas as well


  3. i love s and g there products are amazing/:)

  4. I'm a huge soap and glory fan, I envy your collection!:) xo