Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lush Face Masks

Hiya guys :) how are you all?. Hope your all having an amazing new year so far and what have you been up to so far this year?. I'm really sorry I haven't done any posts recently because Dom and I have just been so busy revising for exams. As Dom said we've both been to peter pan, bowling (we were just amazing and I mean amazing haha) and other things so far this year. On the 1st of January it was doms brilliant mums birthday but also my auntys. We all decorated the house and things for her birthday to make it lovely and she loved it! So today I thought i'd do a post on some of the lush face masks i've got. Dom kindly bought me for christmas (love you!) the catastrophe cosmetic which is so soothing and makes my skin feel so fresh. All of the lush face masks are freshly made and smell gorgeous. The catastrophe cosmetic is a blueberry mask with chamomile and irish moss which soothes skin. Heres the tub it comes in and the date it needs to be used by:
The other facemask I got when my mum and I went shopping and it's called cupcake. This litreally smells amazing. It's like a starter face mask and is for teenage skin which is perfect for me. Cupcake has ingredients like cocoa butter and powder, linseed and peppermint and it's lovely.
Have you tried any of the fresh masks? and we'd love to know about your plans for this year and hope you have the most loveliest year and fulfill anything you want to do this year:) Love Ellie xx


  1. The lush face makd alwaysa look so nice, really wanna try some!:)


  2. Really loved this post 2 of my all time favorite masks also :D
    Enjoyed reading your blog x