Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Typical Night For Dom&Ellie

After having spent a fair amount of time over the past couple of months attending seriously hardcore revision sessions after school, and doing extra at home in order to succeed in our January exams (sounds like Ellie has done so well! As for me ... it’s debatable) Ellie and I decided that the week that our exams for this month finished, we would do something fun. As it was a school night, we opted for a nice trip to the local Cineworld cinema to see the highly anticipated... GANGSTER SQUAD. (It may be necessary for you to know that I have a MAJOR amount of love for Mr Ryan Gosling, as does Ellie, but she doesn't go in to complete girl mode every time she sees an image of his face or hears his sweet, sweet voice).
You'd expect it to be easy. Pay for your ticket, have the ticket person rip your tickets, and walk in to the allocated screen room. Well, no. We arrived at the cinema fine - apart from the tiny disagreement I had with my Mum over road safety - and paid for our tickets fine. The person was lovely, and we got an Orange Wednesday code (bonus!). However, we - or should I say, I, as Ellie was paying no attention at all - were told to enter screen 6 to our lefts. So we sat down in a pretty good seat area, and began taking these photos:
You may have gathered by now that we CANNOT take serious pictures. We did take two others; I liked one of them, Ellie hated it, Ellie liked the other one, I hated it. We ended up with the decision not to put any of them on here. When the adverts came on, we wondered why they were pretty violent films being advertised, but we just agreed that they must be certificate 15 films too. 15-20 minutes after the adverts began, we were getting pretty bored - as anyone would- but luckily (we thought) the certificate thingy came on. Turns out, we had been sat in the WRONG screen to the past 35 minutes. Before we knew it, 'Django' began, and all we could hear was the 'Django' theme tune and guns.
Myself and Ellie were literally scared. In all fairness, I was way more panicky than Ellie. We just stared at each other. In the end, I told Ellie to make it look like we were going to the toilets. When we left screen 6, we did just burst out with laughter and rummaged through our purses to find the ticket with the correct screen number on. WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD SCREEN 8 TO THE RIGHT. The very unfortunate consequence to this was that we missed around half an hour of the film we actually wanted to go and see. Sniff, Sniff :'( Oh know,we will just have to go and see it again *sarcastic tone*. There was only two other people in there when we entered screen 8, so I don't know if that made the situation worse. I soon realized that I had left my beloved gloves in screen 6! Honestly, if anyone has ever had such a sentimental attachment to a pair of mittens, then it's me. I sat there convincing Ellie to run back to screen 6 to get the gloves for me. As the truly loyal friend Ellie is, after a slight push in that direction, Ellie said - I quote - "I know how much those gloves mean to you," and off she went in search of them! A short while later, Ellie came back to screen 8 - slightly out of breath after having been running from screen-to-screen so she wouldn't miss anymore of the film - with my beautiful gloves! All was well for Dom&Ellie as we watched the rest of an AMAZING FILM! There were a few parts where one of us winced away -quite a violent film- however we still really enjoyed it. What's not to love?! You've got Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone on screen together (they have so much chemistry), GANGSTERS, cops wearing very nice suits, and a bit of thrill :) Ignoring the typical Dom&Ellie events that happened at the cinema, (which ended up being absolutely hilarious) Ellie and I definitely recommend going to see this film if you haven't already been. As I have mentioned, there are some quite violent parts, but Ruben Fleischer (the director) and Will Beall (writer) balanced it out fantastically with a bit of romance, and love within families. Inspired by a true story, and based on a book by Paul Lieberman - Gangster Squad, I am going to have to read this - this film is, in mine and Ellie's opinion, a must see, and one which you will not forget! I am now going to leave you with a couple of beautiful images, courtesy of Google :)
And another one...
Well, we might as well throw another one in there for good luck...
Ohh, and a cheeky one from Crazy Stupid Love which has not a lot to do with this post. How did that get in there?!
You're welcome ;) Have you seen Gangster Squad? Or are you planning on going? Ellie and I would love to hear! -Love Dom x


  1. Thanks for your comment, following you too! :) I love Emma Stone and yes they do have great chemistry. I really can't wait to watch Gangster Squad! x

  2. i probably won't watch gangster squad, but i really do love ryan gosling and emma stone together! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. I love Ryan Gosling!!