Sunday, 6 January 2013


I hope that you are all enjoying your year so far! Ellie and I have been keeping busy by going to see Peter Pan
Going bowling with my brother and his friend
(We decided that we adore bowling shoes, and they are super comfy! What do you think? Could we bring them in for everyday use?) And, of course, LOADS of revision and homework in preparation for our January exams. Anyways! After having been stuck in my house all weekend revising, I decided that today I would take a trip to Superdrug and Boots as I knew that there were some things which I wanted needed to pick up. In Superdrug I bought these two Aussie hair products.
I wanted to try the 3 minute miracle, but the Aussie section just so happened to be on 2 for £5.99, therefore I decided that it would be rude not to buy 2 items! As for the shampoo, I had been eyeing this up online, so I thought that I might as well buy it considering the AMAZING offer :) I am hoping to do a review on these 2 products ASAP! Although I will tell you one thing, the Shampoo is such an amazingly vibrant blue and the 3 minute miracle smells delicious! I cannot wait to see how my hair looks tomorrow. After Superdrug I popped (literally, I was in and out surprisingly quick! My mum even said it herself!) in to boots where I picked up some hair bobbles and hand sanitizer.
These bobbles are seriously so fantastic. They last me ages and do not tug on my hair; they are extremely comfortable. Also, they don't ruin my hair. It sounds strange - I know - but some hair bobbles I used to use began damaging my hair, so these ones are super-duper.
I needed some of these for when I put plaits (or designs where you can see the bobble) in my hair but I don't want big purple bobbles sticking out of the side of my head! Hehe, in hindsight, I probably should have bought the clear ones as these are slightly darker than my hair. Oh well, these will do the job :)
And I just had to show you this hand sanitizer! It is my favourite one! Yes, I have a favourite hand sanitizer... It is very moisturizing and doesn't sting if you have little cuts on your hand! Carex always (in my opinion) do the best hand cleaners. Just the other week I bought about 4 big bottles and 3 little bottles and forced my family to all have one so we don’t get ill. I remember I used to have a hand and surface spray which was by Carex and was amazing, but I can't find it anywhere anymore :( So if you know where I can buy it, PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE let me know :) Thanks! Love Dom x


  1. Nice haul, i love the aussie 3 minute miracle! Holy grail product for me, check out my haul:

  2. I also love all of the Aussie products, especially the leave-in conditioner! They always smell so yummy too. xxx

  3. Aussie products are so lovely, the 3 minute miracle really is a miracle worker! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. You got some great stuff, Aussie stuff is amazing!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's very kind of you. I hope you enjoy the programme! XxxX

  5. I love Aussie products! I've never tried 3 minute miracle so I'm looking forward to your review :) x