Friday, 31 August 2012

Film Review Friday! and SOTD!

Ellie and I have decided that every other (ish) Friday we are going to do 'Film Review Friday!' The films which we review may be new films, and others may be older films.
So anyway, last night I lay in bed beyond bored and decided to watch 'letters to Juliet' and I thought it would be great to do the first Film Review Friday and SOTD of our blog! It's a film about a girl called Sophie (played by the ridiculously gorgeous Amanda Seyfried) who works at 'The New Yorker' and is about to get married to Victor ( played by Gael García Bernal) her fiancée. The couple travel to Verona 6 weeks before they plan to get married. Whilst in Verona, Victor spends his time either at a wine auction or sampling food for his new restaurant. This leaves Sophie finding herself at Juliet’s wall, alone and confused as to why there are so many sad and crying women of all ages here. She soon discovers that this is where women come to write their letters of heartbreak, post them on Juliet’s wall, and wait for a reply from Juliet's secretaries.
Sophie follows one of Juliet’s "secretaries" back to their office style home where they reply to all of the letters. Sophie gets to know the ladies and the next day she goes back to the wall to help one of the secretaries bring in all of the letters. Here, Sophie finds a 50 year old unanswered ‘letter to Juliet’, hidden behind an ancient brick, written by a 15 year old girl.
As Sophie is aiming to eventually become a writer one day, rather than her current job of a fact checker, she decided to spend hours writing a reply to the letter from the heavyhearted teenager, Claire, in the hope that she will receive it.
Days pass by, and the group of secretaries, including Sophie, get a visit from a not-so-happy Grandson of Claire (played by the effortlessly marvellous Vanessa Redgrave) called Charlie, who is played by Christopher Egan to perfection. After Charlie has lectured Sophie as to why the letter was an awful idea and stormed out in rage, Sophie races after him to meet Claire. The story goes on finding more out about the characters.
The trio (Sophie, Claire and Charlie) tour a certain radius of Verona in search for the charming man Claire wrote about in her letter Lorenzo Bartolini (Franco Nero). Sophie uses this as an opportunity to write that life-changing story that will hopefully upgrade her job from a fact checker to a writer, and become a published article in 'The New Yorker.'
They visit an uncountable amount of Lorenzo Bartolinis. On one of the evenings they all spent together, Charlie and Sophie found themselves in a very romantic setting of lying on an isolated area of grass underneath the stars. Aaaahh :) This is where they share there first kiss together.
Sophie soon realizes what she is doing and awkwardly runs away to her room. Not to her knowledge, Claire was watching the whole thing from her room.
From the uncomfortable-ness of the trip, they decided that the next day they would return to Verona. The minxy Claire asked Sophie to sit in the front seat next to Charlie ;) It was all silent in the car, apart from Claire’s singing and it was then that Claire noticed the vineyard of the wine which she and Lorenzo used to drink together. They deicide to take a look. Driving down the vineyard, Claire forces Charlie to a halt. Claire believes that the young man who is working on the vines is her Lorenzo. She soon discovers that her ACTUAL Lorenzo is out horse-riding and will be back shortly. Just as they were about to leave, guess who rides in?! Lorenzo, of course! Claire and Lorenzo reunite, and after a very Italian meal, with all the family, Sophie goes back to Verona to return to New York.
Back in New York, Sophie’s story is published in the New Yorker, and she breaks up with Victor before returning to Verona for Claire and Lorenzo’s wedding. At the wedding, Sophie finds Charlie with another girl called Patricia which makes her run off crying. Charlie chases after her and Sophie admits her love for him, but tells him to go back to Patricia. Charlie tells Sophie that Patricia is actually his cousin, and he climbs up the vine which leads to the balcony which Sophie is standing on. Accidentally, Charlie falls down. The couple kiss as he lies on the ground with the whole of the wedding party watching, Claire and Lorenzo at the front :)
So it's very romantic, which is right up my street! I mark it a 4.5 out of 5, and love it that it doesn't tell us what happens after, like a wedding or whether they even stay together or not, it gives us the chance to imagine the ending. I'd say another high point of the film is that the acting is very believable. From the over-protective Grandson, to the very stereotypical Italian man claiming to be Lorenzo, just so he can be taken away from his wife, with his wife encouraging it! It's just so brilliant! So if you haven't already, try and get the chance to watch it :)
Now, it's SOTD time! Because of watching this film, which has the song in on a couple of occasions, I had 'Love Story' but Taylor Swift stuck in my head all day the next day! It's such a beautiful song, and I have always loved it! I hadn't listened to Taylor Swift in a while as well, so it was nice to listen to her again :)

She's so pretty, right?!

Love Story

Sorry it was such a long post, but when I start writing, sometimes I just can't stop! Hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think! :)
Dommie x


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