Friday, 3 August 2012

Favourite perfumes

Hi everyone, just wanted to show you my two favourite perfumes. I love perfumes, i mean who doesn't love to wear their favourite perfume. My first favourite perfume is of course Marc Jacobs Daisy. I aabsoutley love this perfume and have for a while. I was bought this bottle for chirstmas from my nan and grandad and I was so grateful. The packaging and design of Marc Jacobs perfumes is by far the best design on a perfume bottle i've seen and is so cute. The one i got for christmas is the pink and black style which i'd never seen before but i think it's great. Of course the perfume smells so nice but i can't really describe it. I love this perfume and would deffinatly recommend taking a sample of trying it :).

So, last thursday me and Dom were shopping in Westfield, Derby and theres a perfume shop as you walk in, we went in to see if we could try out the new Taylor Swift perfume but they had Marc Jacobs new perfume on show called Dot and it's really cute. The packaging looks so cute and like a ladybird. We tried the perfume and is smells gorgeous. So I deffinatly cant wait to try it out sometime.

My second favourite perfume is burberrys eau de parfum for women. Again I love this perfume by burberry it's amazing. I was bought this by my mum and dad at christmas and again i was so grateful anyway but also because i 'd run out and the perfume is gorgeous. I haven't tried any of the other perfumes of burberry but i can say this one is so nice. The perfume is really sweet and obviously has the burberry packaging. The only thing that isn't so great is that the bottles are only small and it runs out easily. I so reccomend this perfume to try and i just love it.

What are your favourtie perfumes? Have you tried any of theese two perfumes? xx


  1. I only wear one perfume, and that's Stella McCartney. Have been wearing it for about 4 years and I feel like i'm cheating if I wear anything else!! :)

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  2. I'll have to try the Stella McCartney perfume, i know what you mean you either feel bad about trying a new perfume or you just can't find one you like :), I will check out your new post xxx

  3. Hey, I've tagged you to do the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for the details :D xx

  4. I have daisy by marc jacobs and it is so lovely! xxx