Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Messy Bun Hair Tutorial

Hey hey :), this post today is a hair tutorial which haven't been done really; so I thought today i'd do one! Also tell me what you think and there will definitely be more to come. YAY! So this week is half term and even though we only get a week off; i'm so excited. We'll most likely being doing a post on the going ons of this week. Also it's halloween this week ooo spooky :) I usually don't do anything for halloween but dom does. I was just wondering if any of you guys are doing anything for halloween this year? Anyway here's todays post and I wear this hair style quite alot. My auntys an amazing hairdresser and kindly does my hair in this bun somedays and I gradually learnt from her and it's really easy and quick to do. It's a kind of high, messy, curly bun and my hair is fairly naturally curly so it's brilliant. This is how you do it: This is my hair before and this is natural but even if you don't have naturally wavy/curly hair you could curl your hair as I would say it would be better if your hair was curly rather than straight. Also this hairstyle can be done if you have long to medium lengthed hair so dont worry about if you think your hair is too short.
Next I put my hair into a pony and usually it's best to put your hair into a high ponytail.
Then I took another hairband and threaded my hair through; so that the ends of my hair are at the front and a small bun is at the back. This is the most difficult part to explain but if you are struggling just post a comment :).
After take some grips and pin down the loose ends of the hair at the front and pin down the bun to make sure it's secure. So it looks like this
Tell me what you think of this post or what kind of hair tutorials you would like to see :) thanks guys Ellie x


  1. Looks really cute :)

    Georgia x

    1. awww thankyou :) i love this bun x

  2. this makes me miss my long hair! x

    1. well my hair is medium length and we'll definitely be doing alot of posts on hairstyles for all hair lengths :) x

  3. cute hair