Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rod Stewart - Inspiration? ♥

When seeking inspiration, like many others, I often turn to the likes of Instagram, where I find many motivating, slightly cheesy, and most of all, inspiring quotes or images. (Such as...)
However, sat at a Rod Stewart concert with my Mum (she loves him. Always has, and always will!) I found it pretty shocking that I was gaining inspiration from him...
Watching him flirtatiously dance across the stage, singing songs such as 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' at the matured age of 68, I thought to myself, wow.
I wouldn't say his music/style is my favourite - I know most of his songs, purely due to my Mum - but going through throat cancer, clearly a huge amount of heartbreak (if you listen to his songs) and still rocking that same hair style, I'd say he's a pretty cool guy, and someone who maybe we could look to -as an example- when we are stuck with what we want to get out of life, and need a touch of encouragement and motivation.
The green suit he wore was inexcusable, however, his passion, persistence and advertisement he gives to 'Help For Heroes' is definitely something that I think such be recognised when we are all aching for inspiration.
If you can see where I coming from at all, the main gist of this is that I believe that everywhere and anywhere we go, we can find inspiration. Whether we are looking for it or not.
I would love to know what motivates you! Instagram: @domowen97


  1. omg I love Rod Stewart! hahahaha I'd die to go to one of his concerts! haha yes, I know - it's embarrassing!

    Alannah |

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