Sunday, 9 June 2013

Vegas Baby! ♥

You will have to excuse the title of this post. I don't know why, but every time someone says 'Vegas', I always feel the need to put 'baby' on the end ...
My sister, L'amour Josie, ventured out to Las Vegas last week, in order to attend my cousins wedding. Unfortunately, due to exams, I wasn't able to go and see the wedding, but Josie took loads of amazing pictures for me to gaze at :)
Also, we all know what a trip to America means...DRUGSTORE!
Yes. My amazing sister did take a pretty big lost from me, to Vegas with her, and very kindly brought me lots of lovely items back:)
Each and every one of us UK beauty lovers, understand that warm, fuzzy, feeling we all get inside, simply by holding a sephora bag...

I am so, incredibly, thankful to Josie for taking the time to buy me these beautiful gifts :) You can expect many reviews to be coming soon (as soon as these damn exams finish! Two more to go...).
After having heard all of the stories, seen all of the pictures, watch all of the videos, my urge to journey to America is stronger than ever. So, I have begun to organize my trip to the golden land, which will be happenning in two years time (hopefully enough time to save up!) for my eighteenth birthday. I want to go all over, but obviously I can't go all in one trip, so if you do have any recommendations of where I should go for my first trip, please let me know!


  1. Wow looks like she got some amazing things!! I've never been to America but it looks amazing!! Must get there.. need to have a HUUUUGE saving account first though for all the incredible shopping! :D

  2. You are so lucky!! What a sweet sister.....that's so nice that she brought you back SO many things!!

    Baby Lips are amazing! They always have a nice sheer tint. And yayyyyy you got stuff from the Khroma Line. We can never get enough of the Kardashians haha. Their lip joysticks are amazing and they are super long lasting.

    So jealous of your amazing haul!