Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bioderma ♥

Very rarely will people come across a product that changes their life. I, along with many others, definitely have.
Ok, so it might not be life changing, but it’s definitely in that direction! 
Although I expected that everyone had read a review on Bioderma, I was very surprised to see requests for one. However, I do not mind, at all, as Bioderma is one of my favourite beauty products! 

I bought my first Bioderma last February, on a day trip to France. (Read post here). I am still using the same bottle, at least once a day, and it definitely has a couple of uses left :) Bioderma completely removes any traces of make-up on the face/neck (if you're obsessed with ensuring that your foundation completely matches your skin tone, like I am!) I find that it works best on the bigger, square/rectangular shaped cotton pads, found in the baby section!
 Bioderma is fragrance free, so it isn't harsh on the skin, or to the eyes. Infact, I find it works amazingly as an eye make-up remover, better than the one I used to use. 
If I am correct, I understand that Bioderma is either available now at Boots, or it will be very shortly, and that it is available at leading pharmacies, espeically in London. However, if you haven't found it in stores yet, it is available to buy oline at
I definitely recommend the use of Bioderma, so whenever you can get your hands on some - do! 
Have you ever tried the product? What do you think of it?:) 
-Dom ♥
*Reviews are my opinions only, and I cannot ensure that this specific Bioderma  is suitable for all skin types.*


  1. I love that its fragrance free, I really want to try this. Great review! :)

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  3. i want to try it so so bad!
    mind checking out my blog? ♡

  4. I love Bioderma :)


  5. I feel exactly the same way about bioderma! It's the most amazing product, and is by far my most favourite beauty product I own - it's sooooo good! xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie