Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Unexpected Magnet

I got this bag as a birthday present way back in February. When I first received it, I loved it, and loved the fact that I was given it as a present, because it wasn't something that I would have chosen for myself. Now I would, my style and sense of fashion changes constantly. But don't get me wrong, I know the basics, hehe ;)
Anyways! I decided to do a post on this bag because when I was in Whitby the other weekend, I was given so many complements on it! I have always received compliments on this beauty, but never off men really. However, when I was sat on the coach next to Ellie, Ellie whispered to me "Sir's looking at your bag," and I assumed that he was looking at my rucksack. Then about half an hour to an hour later Ellie whispered again "He's is looking at your bag again, he has been doing it on and off the entire journey," (I know this sounds really dodgy, but he really was admiring my hand bag!). Then we were talking to this teacher and he said, "I just love your bag, it's so feminine and luxurious," and so on! I was so shocked that he had even absorbed this, as you don't expect men to say these sort of things! Basically, through out the duration of the weekend, every teacher and about every pupil on the school trip had an encounter with this bag via this specific teacher! So there you go! My beautiful bag is like a human magnet!
Do you have any handbags like these? Or a handbag that you just can't live without?


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  2. Hahaha brilliant. It is a nice bag. The teachers used to compliment my bags a lot too :) or @PinkyVintageXX


    1. Hehe, something in common then! xo