Wednesday, 11 July 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went on a school trip to Whitby last weekend which was amazing! All of my closest friends went, including Ellie, and all 5 of us shared a huge room with tall ceilings and surprisingly comfy beds! As we were driving into Whitby it was all foggy and misty which reminded us of a horror story; and that fit quite perfectly as it was a weekend themed around Dracula.
    On the first day, last Friday, we all stopped off at the cinema in Sheffield and watch The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D. Normally 3D doesn't impress me, but it definitely did this time. The film itself was incredible (I mean, it had Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in it, what more could you possibly want?) but wow! I haven't stopped talking about the 3D since I saw it, so as you can tell, it really REALLY impressed me.
    After having been flabber gasted by technology of the 21st century, we spent Saturday in Whitby going through the Dracula Experience and on a boat trip around the harbour - we couldn't go all the way out to sea because it was so misty, but everyone still enjoyed it :) That evening we went on a 2 hour ghost walk all the way around Whitby! I imagine that sounds very boring, as at first it didn't sound very appealing to me. However, it was actually really fun, we even received badges at the end - how lucky are we?!
    Finally, on the Sunday, we stopped off at the cinema in Sheffield again and watched Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. So altogether the weekend was so lovely, and I'm sure Ellie would agree, she may even do a post herself about Whitby, never know. Here are some pictures I took in Whitby - you will have to excuse the poor quality! I only used my phone to take them.

I know, it looks strange! But I can explain! One of the teachers organized a quiz and one of the rounds was to make an object out of play dough that was related to a scary story. So this is the rocking chair out of The Woman In Black ;) Everyone was just having a laugh, and I think the teacher was really upset because it looked like he'd actually spent ages organising the quiz - bless him!


A friend of mine, Eilis, took this picture of Ellie. She had just bumped her head on the bed and even though she does look like she is in pain, it is really funny! I hope her head is better now though.
I was climbing on to the top of one of the bunk-beds which at the time didn't click that I am extremely scared of heights - no matter how small or big! - so it took me about 10 minutes just to get down! I'm not going to lie to you, I was considering just staying up there forever. 

Eilis really wanted a picture with a donkey but she was too scared to get up close!

This is actually our Psychology teacher! Our friend Sophie had made a sort of "den" and as soon as Miss found out she ran straight in there! I think she looks so cute here!

The badge from our amazing Ghost Walk.

Eilis and I messing around!

This is Sophie (we very rarely get a picture of her!) on top of what was to be her "den".

This is me and Sasha, I don't like the way I look in this picture, but I think Sasha looks so pretty, I just had to share it!

        I hope you liked the pictures! Have you ever been to Whitby or on a school trip that you are unlikely to forget? If so, what did you think of it?

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