Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ideas, Anyone?

Hi there! On the 3rd August it's my friends’ birthday, and I feel awful saying this, but I'm not too sure what to buy her! She has said that she wants her room to be done up, so I thought maybe some accessories for her room. However, I'm not sure what her parents are getting for her and I don't want to clash with them. So I was thinking of making something to put in her room, and then buying her something, such as some nail polishes or clothes, as well. Have you got any ideas for me that I could use? I'm working with the idea of jars! I know it sounds weird, but I could maybe put some pretty paper in them or fill them with beads or something, and you can do so much with jars. I am open to any suggestions, so please can you leave a comment below with your ideas. Thank you, have a nice day xo


  1. Why don't you buy a really nice frame or even design one yourself, and put a nice photo of you and her in it. That way, it's a personal gift, it won't clash and she can put it up in her room.

    Thanks for following. Much Love. XX

    1. That's a really nice idea, and quite creative too. Thank you so much! Your welcome! Stop by again soon xo