Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lip Care

I don't really buy lip care or just lip products in general but i use theese three products and so i just wanted to show the few products that I use and i've been using lately. I have a lipstick, lip gloss and a lip care product.

Lipgloss- Natural Collection

I bought this colour of the Natural Collections lip gloss' a month or two ago when Dom, Dom's mum and me went to Derby, Westfield. We had a quick glance around the shops and I said to my self don't buy anything little like lipgloss or nail polish; because i need to go shopping for Whitby with my mum and sometimes I never end up using them. We nipped into Boots and I already had tried the natural collection lip gloss which was the barley sugar colour but i really liked the colour of this lip gloss which is called fondant. The colour is so summery and i love the natural collection products. Also the products aren't that expensive, just £1.99 for the lip glosss which is ace becasue it's not pricey at all. The only thing is that the lip gloss isn't that long lasting but that's the only thing.

Lipstick- Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter

I really love the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter which i have in the colour Peach Parfait (025). I have been wanting to try the new lip butters for ages and bought it when i was with Dom and Eilis. We went into town (again haha) after staying at Doms and watching Women In Black that night which was probably a bad idea because the film is so scary. With all the shops we wanted to go in done. I nipped and got the lipstick after me taking forever to choose a colour. I don't normally buy lipstick but I thoguht I would deffiantly try Revlons Lip Butter. I love that the lipstick is a lip butter because it's so soft and i love the range of colours. The price of the lipstick is £7.99 which is a little pricey but not too expensive. Again the only thing wrong is that it may melt or be ruined easily but thats it. I do reccomend this product, i love it.

Lip Care- The Little Pink Tin

I know this isn't the most exciting product to blog about but i deffinatly think it's a must have thing. I don't really use vaseline that much; well not as much as I should but I like this product. The packaging is so cute and it's so good to just put in your bag or in my case my school blazer pocket. I always take this to school with me and just does it's job; keeping thoose dreaded cracked lips at bay (sounding like an advert). It's from Superdrug and costs £1.39. I think any vaseline or lip care product is great but i like the little pink tin.

Will blog again soon guys :)


  1. I love Revlon lip butters, definitely one of the best lip products out there at the moment :) but I do agree they get ruined easily, mine are all twisted up which is weird. Great post! xx

    1. I know right! Thanks for the comment :-) xo