Friday, 20 July 2012

6 Weeks!

Today was mine and Ellie's last day at school for the summer :) Personally, I am sort of excited about the summer - but very anxious! I don't know why, normally I am really excited, but this time I'm a bit gutted that I won't be at school for 6 weeks, seeing people that I wouldn't normally see outside of school. I think one of the reasons I feel like this is because of the amount of good times I have had this year :) What's happening to me D: ?!?
We didn't do much today; this morning we had an assembly purely for our year group. 5 of the people in our year dressed up as 'The Village People,' and danced. That sounds so weird saying it out loud! It was very funny, though! And in Maths, I played a very strange game of Bingo! The teacher was getting so into it, like properly saying the numbers how the Bingo people actually say them, hehe! However Ellie got to listen to music and eat a ridiculous amount of sweets and chocolate etc, in her Maths lesson. But I don't mind, Bingo was fun!
I took some more cakes in today, this time I remembered to take a picture for you!
Everyone loved them! Ellie and I went to give one to one of our teachers, but the teacher wasn't in his normal classroom, so we left him a note with the cake. He later came into my History lesson (whilst watching Sherlock Holmes - it's soooooo goooodd!) and gave me a note ... INFRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS! How embarrassing! Everyone was asking me what is said - even though I hadn't had the chance to read it yet! But it is such a lovely, sweet, note, so I am very grateful. He's so kind.
All together today has been a lovely day, and now I have Eilis (the blonde crazy one in all of the pictures in other posts!) coming round, and I am going to give her a manicure! So I will leave you with a picture of me upside-down, and Ellie at the Liz Earle evening I had the other night - it was very good and such a lovely way to socialize. I definitely recommend!

P.S Do you have any summer plans? Would love know!

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