Friday, 19 April 2013

Collective Haul ♥

At the end of last week, Ellie and I ended our Easter holiday. We all know what Easter holidays meant ... a shopping trip to Birmingham, Sheffield Meadowhall ('s a big place!), Leeds and Lichfield, as well as a couple of trips to Derby Westfield and various times when we would 'pop' into town. I probably did spend way too much money! But I did enjoy my Easter break, and am very pleased with my buys :) Also! I went into Forever 21 for the first time ever! Eeeek :)

Orange dress  - Topshop
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Belts - Forever 21
Cosmetic bag - Forever 21
I will definitely be going back to buy some more of these sunglasses! They had them in a few different colours, all of which I loved. I had about 6 pairs in my basket at one point, but I felt as though that was slightly eccentric! They had loads of other styles which I wouldn't mind purchasing too.
I love these dresses so much. I now have 3 different colours, and plan on buying more! They go so well with everything, and are perfect to dress up and down.


I didn't buy too much whilst shopping in Leeds. This may have been because I was so distracted by the Trinity Shopping Centre. It is so huge! There was also a One Direction pop up shop and a Candy Kittens one too.
Netrogena Blackhead Eliminating - Boots
Pens - Candy Kittens
The pens aren't available online, but there is some other cool merchandise. Ellie got a bag with 'pardy' on, and my sister got a neon pink hat with 'pardy' written across it! It was such a surprise to find the store, and all the items were so funny!
Here are some more piccies of the day:
I've never seen so many people quite so happy to be entering a shop! They all came out - after writing their twitter names on the wall/carpet - with bags full of Mrs ... t-shirts, posters, key rings and cardboard cut outs!

If you're not familiar with Candy Kittens, it is - what was originally - a sweet shop run by Jamie Laing, heir to the Mcvities throne, a member of the cast of the fantastic Made In Chelsea series. However now, as so many people love him (my whole family are fans of him and his child-like nature) he also sells loads of 'pardy' and 'yea boi' merchandise. I suppose 'pardy' and 'yea boi' are his catch phrases. I'm not forgetting Proudlock and Francis here guys!


Feminist Ryan Gosling has to be the best £8.99 I've ever spent! I find it absolutely hilarious, and my sister went absolutely crazy when I showed it to her.
Before mine and Ellie's second trip to Meadowhall, I had never heard of sinful colours before, and as they were only £1.99 (WOW!) and on 3 for 2, I decided to go for it! They are pretty good from what I have tried to far. Review to follow shortly!
I am so in to scrunchies! I know these aren't really proper scrunchies, but I love the bow look on top. It takes me back to Tracy Beaker and primary school days :)


I got my two sisters a can of Pink Lemonade Minute Maid! How cool?! My entire family are huge fans of the orange juice drink, and both of my sisters were planning on making some pink lemonade that same day, so I thought 'what a coincidence!' I also bought my grandparents a mixture of sweets - I stood in the shop asking the lovely shop lady to recommend sweets for me! And the liquorice sticks were for my Mum :)
This bed quilt is actually out of the kids section at Tesco. After having confirmed that just because it was in the kids section, it will still fit my normal bed, I decided to buy. It was only £10!
Burton, Derby and Online:
Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion - Boots
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Boots
Eyeliner Sharpener -Boots
Cotton Pads - Superdrug
Clothes Roller - H&M
Clean&Clear have never really interested me, but a dear friend of mine uses this, and her skin is flawless, so she recommended that I try it, and see what I think.

In other news, last Thursday and Friday, two of my cousins both had baby girls :) I haven't officially met the babies yet :( However, I have seen gorgeous pictures of them both, and I will be meeting them very soon! I cannot wait! It is lovely to have new members of the family (one on my Mums side, and one on my Dads) and it was so strange that they were born over the period of two days!
- Dom


  1. You picked up some lovely things, I love the pastel belts, perfect for Spring! That's so sweet of you to get your sisters some pink lemonade, I'd love some

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  2. Hauls and my FAVOURITE! I get so excited by other people's haha. Love that Gosling book - I cried with laughter when I saw it in the shop!xx


  3. Just letting you know that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. :) You can have a look here: xo

  4. Great haul! Loving the look of those nail polishes and the Feminist Ryan Gosling book always makes me smile :)