Sunday, 12 May 2013

Inspiration ♥

"Perfume is the feminine personality's indispensable accessory.
It's the finishing touch to a dress." - Christian Dior

On a regular basis, I get given Dior Magazine, and every time, it never fails to make me happy. The novelty of having a magazine based on the legend of Dior will never ware off! They are always so luxurious and beautiful :)

Here are some of my favourite pages from this issue:

This issues simple elegance has really inspired me, and I love how it has managed to make the most basic things impossibly beautiful!



  1. Dior is one of my favorite fashion houses, femenine and elegant

    hehe funny we used perfume quotes in our post, isnt it?

    do we have each other on GFC?

  2. Great inspiration! Dior is up there for me too x

  3. Wonderful inspiration :)
    Thank you once more for wanting to follow my blog :) It means a lot to me :)
    Im following you through bloglovin.. GFC did not let me follow you, I don´t know why. It does that from time to time though :)
    I will try again some other time :)
    Im following through bloglovin as said :)