Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dove Hair Therapy

    Ellie and I are both obsessed with trying new hair products, so couple of weeks ago when I was in my local Tesco store and was looking at the hair products I found the Dove Colour Radiance Leave-in Conditioning & Care Spray. I automatically picked it up and read the label and description on the back which said that it works of two levels: one layer contains Fibre Actives which have be proven to penetrate into each hair fibre, and the other has UV Filter that helps to prevent colour fade.
    After reading the very tempting description I remember thinking, this is more of an investment - at around £3.99 - rather than feeling guilty about buying myself something, so I bought it. The product can be used on wet hair or dry hair, which I found hard to believe! However, I thought that I would give it ago and first tried it on straightened dry hair. Surprisingly, it worked really well! It only left a slight wave in my dry hair which I thought was brilliant as I was expecting it to go curly and greasy!
    I then tried it on wet hair after already having shampooed my hair, and that worked brilliantly as well. It left my hair feeling extremely smooth and in good condition all the way from the roots to the ends. Usually, if I use normal conditioner I only use it on my ends, as I had to find out the hard way (greasy hair) that you weren't supposed to condition you're roots, but I can use this all the way up my (fairly long) hair, almost to the roots, and it doesn't turn greasy! It also leaves a nice glossy shine to my hair which maintains, along with a vibrant colour, through out uses, which I love. I definitely recommend trying :) 

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