Monday, 11 June 2012

Sisterly love!

My two older sisters’ are always generously giving me clothes, make up, accessories etc. They buy them, try them out and decide they don't want them. So, as they are both very similar in make up shades and tastes in clothes etc, they both end up giving them to me! I probably get something new off them at least once every two weeks. Lucky me :) And on Sunday, one of my sisters came home from her boyfriend's house and decided that the top she was wearing (which she had only just put on) was too short for her and she didn't like it. So she stood there and took it off, offering it to me! (Don't worry, she had a top on underneath!) This is the top:

I love this top; it's really nice and simple. As I am going on a school trip in a couple of weeks, and then the day after another school trip for the whole weekend, I have decided to pair this some black skinny’s and some cute accessories. 1 out of 4 outfits needed - check!
    Also, I love this little bit of extra detailing at the collar. I believe it adds something to the top, I’m not sure how to describe it thought, but without this, I personally think that the top would be too plain.

As I came home from school today, the same sister handed me this top.

I really like this top, and I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect top with this sort of style. This may be the one! I think I will end up wearing it like it is shown in the image above with a baggy cardi or jumper, however, I think that it looks nice like this too :)

I took a picture of the back of the top to show you all as well. I like how the lace just fits in perfectly, and looks in place :) 

I will probably wear this with jeans mostly, but it will also look nice with leggings, or even a coloured mini skirt for the summer. Another of the 4 outfits needed - check!
    Both of these tops are from Primark. I don't normally succeed in finding anything that I want to buy when I go into a Primark store, as I find it is too disorganized. I end up picking a few things up, trying them on in the boiling changing rooms, and walking out of the shop dissatisfied and bag less! Ellie also finds some lovely outfits from Primark. She was wearing a white lace top with a black peter pan collar from there the other day, and now I really want it! I don't know why I never find anything, I go in with an open mind but I think I might just send Ellie or my sisters in for me next time, then I’m sure I will be happy :)
    I will do another post in a couple of weeks when I have all 4 of the outfits I need, and show them to you all. xo                                               


  1. Both these tops are gorgeous! Especially with the metal collar tips. Definitely need to make a trip to Primark soon xxx

  2. I love the detailing on the shirt collar. Beautiful.