Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trevor Sorbie - Mostiure Mask

The Trevor Sorbie moisture mask is a great way to get hair shiny and as obsessed Dom and I are with hair products; i just couldn't not try them. When I was shopping I decided to look around the cosmetic shops when i came across the Trevor Sorbie products which i had never come across or even tried. I bought the moisture mask and a couple of the other products which i will blog to you about once i've tried them. The mask is great from the times i've used it and gives your hair the shine and moisture needed. This product is to be used once a week and just really gives your hair an extra shine. The moisture mask is only part of a large range called the beautiful hair collection. This contains shampoos, conditioners, cream, mold masks and sprays which suit your hair type. This range contains beautifully straightened, beautifully moisturised, beautiful volume and curl defining products. The products are usually in the price range of £5-£6 but are now in Boots as 2 for £6. The only thing really is that if you do use too much of the product when using it each week; hair may become more oily than expected.

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