Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture!

 I remember Polaroid cameras being really cool! Every member of my family (cousins and all) had a Polaroid camera at one point. Then we would all dance with our Polaroid Pictures shaking them to “Hey Ya” by OutKast. Everyone did do that right? Haha, it might have just been my family! But anyways, about 2 years ago I was with Ellie and another of my friends sat in an English lesson and we started to sing “Hey Ya”! It was very random, but all of our English lessons used to be! A couple of weeks later, my sister Josie (http://josieowen.blogspot.co.uk/) purchased a FUJIFILM instant camera – basically a Polaroid camera!
My obsession with Polaroid cameras continued, and so did Ellie’s and our other friends! It came to my birthday this year and I asked for one, but Josie just offered me hers. So now I buy the film and Josie lets me use the camera and I let my brothers and sisters take pictures too. I took loads of pictures on my birthday and I took it on my school trip to France with me and I took a couple of pictures then too.
    Then last weekend, a friend of mine was staying round and “Hey Yah” came on the music channel. Of course we danced like crazy to it! And then we posed for a Polaroid Picture, oh and then we did “shake it like a Polaroid picture!” I know it was cheesy, but I had to be done/said!

My younger brother was having a sleepover too (house full!), so when his friends found out we were using a Polaroid camera, they decided they wanted to take a picture too. This one was just one of my brother’s friends taking it! I just stood there putting the one of my friend and I on my wall, and he was convinced that this would be a picture perfect moment.

This final one was actually an accident! I was just sat there with Dan (my brother’s friend who took the other picture) and the other friend took this one accidentally! He felt so bad as well! He even offered to pay for it, but honestly I didn’t mind. I quite like this picture, we weren’t posing for it, just chilling J
Do you have a Polaroid camera? And do you want to see my other Polaroid pictures?


  1. Ahh, I love instant cameras, so retro! Haha. I haven't used one in such a long time, would love to get my hands on one!
    By the way hun, I was trying to find the GFC button to follow your blog, but it's not showing up anywhere on your page. For now, I'm only able to follow by Bloglovin'.
    Mel x

    1. I know right! http://www.amazon.co.uk/FujiFilm-INSTAX-210-Instant-Camera/dp/B002NUP0D2/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1340224595&sr=1-2 <-- here's a link where I have found one on amazon for a very reasonable price. To be honest, it's the film which makes it more expensive, but it's not like they're for every day use right? Ooh right, I am really new to this blogging - sorry!- so I have now added a follow button to the top right of the blog. Thanks xoxo

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